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Ten Year Reunion Handouts

Roseann Polovino submitted the following 7 sheets that were handed out to those attending the St. Norbert Class of 1970 Ten Year Reunion. Retained below in each document is the original spelling, punctuation, and word placement on the page in an attempt to retain historical accuracy. If anyone has information on the creation of these documents please write in order to solidify the record. For example, were the 10 year predictions actually written in 1970, and by Julie Marinko? Wouldn't you like to know?



Occasion: Ten Year Reunion Date: May 31, 1980 Place: Fair Lane Conference Center UM-Dearborn Campus


What will the Seniors of 1970 be doing ten years from now? We asked a traveling band
of gypsies to look into their crystal ball. The leader of their band fortells what the
individuals of our class will be like in the year 1980.

As I look into my crystal ball, I see Roseann "Roach" Polovino as head cashier at
Whopper's.   Also picking up extra money as a light weight wrestler in the men's

Larry "Schwabber" Schwab will most likely be found at your local police station
reporting whose car he just hit.

In ten years, I see Kathy Cullen as head coach for the Detroit Pistons.

Every Saturday afternoon, Laureen Gorman will be found watching "Sir Graves Ghastly"
and laughing at the gory parts.

Ten years from now, I see John Neph a tremendous success, as a midget in the Shrine

Dave Brzezinski is a career man in the Army, trying to make his way to five-star General.

Ten years from today, Bo McCahill will be found still working on his '62 Meteor, that is
when Barb and the kids give him their permission.

Rita Bur is a graduate student still earning recitation points for answering the Prof's
questions with "It depends on the individual."

John "Macko" Mackowski is making his life successful as president of the Boones Farm

Brenda Klink is working for the Romulus Police Department. Duty assignment:
patrolling Wayne and Wick for neckers.

I can see Mike Bratcher playing Santa Claus for his own kids and going to night school
for his fourth year English credit. Coincidently, guess who's teaching his class...Sr.

Diane Hickens has made her success as a dressmaker. Unfortunately, they're not Paris
originals, just a simplicity pattern used a Jackson State for the inmates.

Gary "Sagebrush" Czaja has made it rich flipping coins and is now a multi-millionaire
residing in the Bahamas.

I see Jim "Fitz" Fitzpatrick pulling curtains at the Fisher Theatre. Keep up the good
work, Fitz.


In 1980, Debbie York will still be ironing her hair, but will be dyeing her hair red instead
of blond.

John Flavin will be waiting diligently for the next April, so he can dress as the "April

Dan Perkovich is still his sweet self, quietly waiting for summer to approach so he can
add to his collection of freckles.

I see a redhead girl, Mary Auty, working in a gas station, fixing broken windshield

In ten years, Cathy Kehoe ( now known as Sister Katherine Lee), will be fulfilling her life
long dream---teaching English with her dear friend and constant companion, Sister

John Schneider has made it big as a musician, playing his guitar every Sunday morning in

Sue Kouvinan's asset, (non-stop talking) is tested every three years as she negotiates new
contracts for the UAW.

Kathy Pawelek has been voted best driver of the year.  By the way, she finally got her
license a couple weeks ago.

In ten years, Barb Lezotte will have won an Olympic medal and be content raising Bo
and the kids.

Dan Weiss is still with the Buzz Troop.

Julie Marinko is married to Mark Lindsey, but is seeking a divorce.

Diane Zelenka will be found with her ten kids (she's had one a year since graduation), a
real credit to the Catholic religion.

Paula Leyten is a public speaker working for OSHA. Her favorite topic is "Safety in
Wrapping Sandwiches for Vending Machines."

My crystal ball can see the St. Norbert's class of 1970 gathering together and reuniting on
May 31, 1980. You can then see how true my predictions have become.

I believe this was compiled by Julie Marinko



Our very first dance and how only about thirty people showed up?

When we held classes in the social hall?

When Mike Bratcher and Tony Lombard went to the bakery during study hall?

When Bo put on Laureen's red wig?

Reciting God's Granduer for the parents at the opening of the high school?

Ringing the cow bell when the real bells were broken?

Wearing Kleenex on your head at church when you forgot your hat?

Christmas caroling at the cloister?

The big Paul McCartney is dead scare and the spooky clues given by Scott Reagan on

The Ivanhoe test and how easy it was, eh J.F. and T.L.?

Sister Mauretta?

When the girls had to model at the fashion show and Cathy Kehoe and Paula Leyten
modeled full length gowns? What STYLE!!

When Rosie would beat on Fitz?

When Julie Marinko and Rita Bur had to play their organs in the talent show? What

When we got our class rings and all the girls started crying?

When John Neph got lost on the altar his first time serving?

When we had dancing lessons with Sister Florida's relatives in the library?


The Christmas play with

Santa and Mrs. Santa- Mike Bratcher and Kathy Cullen,
Mr. And Mrs. Cottontail-Mike McCahill and Kathy Paweleck
The King and Queen of Hearts-John Mackowski and Cathy Kehoe
The Pilgrim and His Wife-Gary Czaja and Roseann Polovino
The Tailors-Jerry LaFrance and Larry Schwab
The Elves-Mary Auty, Julie Marinko, Tony Lombard and John Neph
Uncle Sam-Dave Brzezinski
The Ghost-John Schneider
The April Fool-John Flavin
Inroduced by-Laureen Gorman
Curtain Puller-Jim Fitzpatrick

When Cheryl Yassay almost hit the bus in driver's ed?

When Larry Schwab's horse ran back to the stable on Senior skip day?

When we almost left John Rodriquez in Lansing on the field trip?

"Go bid thy mistress when thy drink is ready". "She strike upon the bell". "Is this a
dagger?" Blah....blah....blah.

The baseball game when Larry, John S., and Danny collided?

When Barb left her nylons in Mr. Morris' car?

Kathy Cullen reading "THE FIRST DANCE"?

Mike Simo?
Ron Myers?
Diane Tetrault?
Ann Carey?
Richard Dustman?
Kyle Hatchett?
Sandy Daymon?
Nancy Norgren?

The Inkster Park field trip?


How Fitz was the only boy in Mr. Shough's ninth grade science class?

The World Series and watching the TIGERS WIN?

When Bob Kozma ripped his pants?

The Charm Course lesson and how none of the girls paid attention?

Record sheets?

The fun filled days with Sister Mercita as our principle?

Going to Lansing and Sister Florida losing her veil and Bo running after it in the rain?

Our senior year paper drive?


		Presenting-------"Fur-lined Love"

		By the Class of"70"

Place:  St. Norbert Social Hall

Date: January 22                  Admission....75cents now

Time: 8 to 11 P.M.                $1.00 at door


                     HE WAS CALLED

Anthony Lombard
The man in the Mafia
Abner Nolan
Run-of Hop, Skip, Jump and Run
Friend --by all

                       WE WILL REMEMBER

When he messed up one of his two lines in "Hillbilly Blues"

How he always teased the girls

When he almost ran that red light. "Let's hear it for Lombard"

Mike buying him a SUPER banana split for his birthday

How he struggled with Senior and Sophomore English this year

The way he loved to play baseball

His fishing in the garbage can for his Science exam

That the real Abner Nolan wouldn't have worn bell-bottoms

How he always had time for EVERYONE

How sharp he looked at the Junior-Senior banquet

The nonchalant way he caught every fly ball Bo hit on skip day

How he knew "Ivanhoe" inside and out

What a thoughtful, friendly, happy, sweet, beautiful person he was!

Sponsored by the St. Norbert's Alumni Group