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This web site is lovingly sponsored by the St. Norbert's Alumni Group comprised of the contributors of content seen on these pages. Its mission is to promote the fond recollection of those bucolic (or bulimic) days in the classrooms, halls and grounds of this institution.

Inclusion to this special group of friends and grads is attained simply by donating pictures, recollections . . . basically any memorabilia of the kind that already grace this site.

Congratulations to Chris (Bielak) Lamar for her charter membership. She was the individual that submitted the first group of pictures becoming the inspiration that launched this web site. She was followed by others since that historic final day of August, 2001, when the St. Norberts Web Site was given life. And the Patron Saint of St. Norbert's class pictures is Sharon (Totzke) Gawthrop, who submitted the largest collection so far of grade school classes, including such surprises as "the Cheerleaders" (who remembers St. Norberts having cheerleaders?!), the Service Squad, the Safety Patrol, and some faculty photos. Thank you Sharon! May you inspire many, many more to scour their minds and closets for mementos and photos of this honorable past. And most recently heaps of appreciation for Kathy Foley Schemers who delivered to our door a ton of things, like Senior Class pictures, that now grace these hallowed halls. Check 'em out!

Please be assured we would love to expand this list by at least at few dozen. Even more! Send what you can and watch the SNAG grow! Send anything in electronic format to And if you have things that need scanning, email us for the street address.

The St. Norbert's Alumni Group is:
Christine (Bielak) Lamar first classmate to furnish class pictures and memorabilia
David Brzezinski furnished class of 1970 reunion pictures and other class pictures
Phillip Moore furnished class picture
Sharon (Totzke) Gawthrop furnished tons of class pictures and memorabilia, Alumni Reunion Committee
Margaret (Myers) Gann furnished Patti Myers photo on Dedication page
Lynn Rovsek-Kirkaldy furnished class picture names
Mary (Foley) Ginter furnished class picture names, Alumni Reunion Committee
Les Marinko furnished materials of every kind!, Alumni Reunion Committee
Debbie McGregor-Carsell furnished class picture names, Alumni Reunion Committee
Julie (Marinko) Plunk, Alumni Reunion Committee furnished class picture names
Kathy (Foley) Schemers furnished class pictures, memorabilia and report cards, Alumni Reunion Committee
Lynn (Schneider) Stevens furnished class picture names
William Hendricks furnished class picture names
Richard Henry furnished class picture names
Dale Moore (ret. Westland Police Dept) furnished class picture names
Sharon Kendra-Routsaw furnished class pictures
The Unknown St. Norbert Student furnished class picture names
Carol (Prange) Gannon furnished class picture names
Greg Schneider furnished journal pictures
Steve White furnished class picture names, Alumni Reunion Committee
Steve Wroble furnished Journal entry and Suzanne (Wroble) Ciecierski's photo on Dedication page
Roseann (Polovino) Gomez furnished pictures and memories
Cecilia Walker Alumni Reunion Committee
Tony Sudut Alumni Reunion Committee
John Thorpe Alumni Reunion Committee, furnished many Dedication Page photos
Dan Gorman Alumni Reunion Committee
David Wild Alumni Reunion Committee
the 2003 Reunion Committee financial support, encouragement, and party
Mike & Paula McCahill contributed 2003 Reunion pictures
Paul Sarna furnished Jane Sarna and Dan Sarna photos on Dedication page
Maureen Gibbons furnished class picture names
Greg Burton furnished name for Phillip Moore's class picture
Marsha (Cornelius) Perkins furnished class pictures given by Shirley Disch
Shirley (Groening) Disch furnished class pictures to Marsha Perkins
Jennifer (Wilson) Klaus furnished class pictures and names, and CHHS basketball team photo
Mary Ann Core names for the football photo
Bob Karr names for the football photo
Mike Veltri submitted the most unusual photo of the school & church! An aircraft direct flyover!
Catherine (Garcia) McDonnell materials of every kind, & J. Servantez images on the Dedication page
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt pictures & commentary
Lee Barber furnished names for Phillip Moore's class picture
Terry Ackerman remembers Sister Florida and the Ten Tear Reunion
Toni Auletti Class and Personal pictures, memories, and a lot more
Eileen Taylor mementoes, and class pictures
Mary /Cullen/ Guttman 3 class photos, a WKNR listing, her diploma, and a news article
Jim Sonnenberg contributor, John Hill High School Yearbooks, '71, '72
Henry Rodriguez sent in a class photo from Grade 7, 1960
Maryann Zajac Hall sent in a class photo from Grade 7, 1977
Jay Reyes furnished a lot of names to David Brzezinski class photo from Grade 8, 1963 - 1964
Camille Filiatrault Rigney furnished a lot of names to Henry Rodriguez class photo from Grade 7, 1959 - 1960
Sue Reyes-Sardelli furnished more names to Henry Rodriguez class photo from Grade 7, 1959 - 1960
John Schneider site developer, webmaster, and contributor

Sponsored by the St. Norbert's Alumni Group