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Roseann Polovino

After High School Graduation

After graduation I stayed with Burger King and went into management, becoming a supervisor at the age of 21. I then started college at Schoolcraft majoring in law enforcement, and had also applied to the Dearborn Heights Police Department. While waiting to be accepted I transferred to Miami-Dade County in Florida with Burger King. The day I arrived at my new apartment I received a letter from the Dearborn Heights PD that I had been accepted! I was really bummed because had I not moved to Florida I would have been the first female cop in the department.

Oh well! I stayed in Florida for six months and returned home because my father became ill. I had also become engaged to a guy I had met in Michigan, Remberto (Bert), and we wed in September, 1977. I stayed with Burger King until my son was born in 1979 leaving the company (vested retirement) when he was 6 months old. In 1981 I had another child, a girl, Amy. We lived in Westland at Henry Ruff and Avondale and moved to Dearborn Heights when my son started school. I was a stay at home mom until Amy was five. I then started to work for a doctor in Dearborn. I became a medical assistant, specializing in Geriatrics. I really loved the work and my patients and stayed there for almost 12 years. I then took a year off. I returned to work for an eye surgeon for about a year but finally had to quit work all together because of a severe disc degeneration of the spine. I'm now a bum!!!!

My husband was born in Cuba and came to the U.S. during the missile crisis. All his family resides in Miami (of course)! He works for AT&T as a communication tech. He also is a Dearborn Heights reserve police officer. This past September we celebrated our 25th anniversary. He is a wonderful guy and I am lucky to have him!

Our son, Christopher is 24 years old and is in the Navy. He is a Quartermaster second class (Navigation) and has just recently returned to Norfolk, Virginia, after participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

I am a Grandma!! Christopher's three kids are: Jacob, age 4 and a half, Brianna is 3, and Isabella is 1. My daughter, Amy is 21 and works for Ameritech. She also used to attend Schoolcraft college majoring in criminal justice. She always wanted to become an FBI agent until she fell in love! She will be getting married in about two years. Ah love, funny thing 'tis!!!!! We almost ended up living in Georgia about 10 years ago. My husband came close to being transferred to Conyers, on the outskirts of Atlanta. I must say that, all in all, life has been good to me. Except now for the physical problems I have. Oh well. You can't stay young, gorgeous, and flexible ALL your life, huh???!!!!!!

Kathy Pawelek and I meet monthly for lunch. What a blast! We went over old pictures and the yearbook. She actually had some notes we wrote back and forth during high school! I keep in touch with Julie Marinko and often see Dave Mayer, as his nephew and my niece are together; other than that haven't seen many of the other alumni.

Roseann Polovino, July 22, 2003

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