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St. Norbert Church Completion

The Brochure

In 1974 I received a copy of this brochure from my dad in a letter he sent to me while I was stationed in Germany. The back of the brochure gives a short history of St. Norbert Church and briefly outlines plans to bring the twenty-something building to completion including "Memorial Opportunities" with helpful suggestions of donation sizes. The picture of the mural that was installed around 1961 will bring back a lot of memories for those of us who spent many an hour ensconced before it serving as Alter Boys. The short history of the church is quoted verbatim below.

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St. Norbert Completion Brochure Front St. Norbert Brochure Inside The St. Norbert Completion Brochure Details
St. Norbert Completion Brochure, Front St. Norbert Brochure, Inside The St. Norbert Completion Brochure, Details

Development of St. Norbert Church

The First Church, 1952:   Under the direction of Father Isadore Bohr the newly established parish of St. Norbert, some 400 families, erected the first building. Inkster was just beginning its growth and the new neighborhood was booming. Services were held in the Melody Theater [note: located on the south side of Michigan Avenue west of Inkster Road.] until the first church structure was completed. The early parishioners worked hard and diligently to have their own church and school. In 1952 the church was completed and dedicated by Cardinal Mooney. It includes the present church, but was considerably smaller, as part of it was divided off as a social hall. Plans at that time looked forward to a future permanent church with the present church becoming a Gymnasium-Auditorium.

The Enlarged Church, 1961:   The community had grown pretty much to its present size [as written in 1974] and the first church building was not adequate to satisfy the number of catholics in the parish. So together with Father Graven the parishioners raised the necessary funds to start an addition to the church. Father Majewski became pastor while the church was being enlarged to its present size and the social hall built. He added the mural above the alter and the Cruciform window over the narthex. Since then minor interior changes have been made to meet the needs of the changing liturgy. The church was last painted in 1966 under Monsignor Horkan.

The Completed Church, 1974:   Our church that has served this community so graciously these past twenty years is in need of decorating due to the ravages of time. The Parish Council studying the possibility of doing more than painting again came to the decision to complete the church; that is change our church from its present temporary appearance to a permanent, entirely new look. To do this the sanctuary will be redone, stained glass windows added, the cinder block transformed with an elegant wall covering, a new ceiling installed. All will be coordinated to make St. Norbert's a truely (sic) beautiful and edifying church -- one that will be our pride and joy and that will inspire a renewed sense of prayer and devotion.

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