Christine's Senior class picture, 1970
Christine Bielak - Sophomore
Cherry Hill High School -- 1968

from the CHHS: Brightest and Best Series

1. Homecoming Court

Christine successfully maintains a straight line formation with her court members earning her cheers from fans and competitors alike. This picture was taken moments before she broke ranks (notice the steely stare) to lead a charge against a rowdy group of fellow underclassmen destroying a portion of the bleachers.

full image 86k the windblown look

2. The Sophomore Representative

Selected by her peers for her ability to stand straight and tall, Christine shines in all the pageantry of Homecoming Court. Notice the hem-line deployed at the official length as specified in the Student Handbook.

full image 85k full image 44k

3. Christine and Escort

Showing poise and confidence, Christine enters the Homecoming Dance to a deafening applause. However, this occurred at the same moment the band fell off the stage, so there may be another explanation for the ruckus.

4. The Court Assembles

Locked out of the Homecoming Assembly by a renegade group of Homecoming Court wannabees, Christine leads the legitimate court in a standing protest on the steps outside the auditorium. Notice that Christine strategically and symbolically positions herself at the top of and before all the others, an attitude not lost on her former Friends of the Court.

full image 86k

5. Sophomore Class Officers

Christine ran a clandestine cut-throat campaign to grab the Chair of Class Secretary, and held tenaciously to a ruthless term in office, all while maintaining an outward appearance of grace and decorum that aroused no suspicion whatsoever. The bodies were never found.

Note that since she is the only officer smiling, there is evidence she had big plans right from the beginning.

full image 45k full image 66k

6. Madame Secretary

Appearing the picture of the demure subordinate, Christine endured her first term as Class Secretary in spite of dealing with, as she often termed them, "the unwashed herd." She and the school survived though it took many years to recover the paperwork. Even after all these years an incomplete picture is available of her effect upon the school and Board of Education.

In her words, though, she "had a blast."

Bonus Page -- From the 1970 Senior Class Handout

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Data for the captions above furnished anonymously by Christine's younger sister Cheryl who has all the inside information but has evaded the authorities for these many years.
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