Julie's Graduation Picture

Julie Marinko - Senior "Class"

Cherry Hill High School -- 1970

from the CHHS: Brightest and Best Series

Out of the hundreds of photos that are known to have been taken of Julie only these few survive. There is more excavating of the site to be done so we cling to the hope that others may be found.
unswerving study Showing uncommon concentration, Julie effectively filters every obnoxious attempt to turn this Study Hall period into Playland. To the genuine observers in the room (not seen in this picture), such fierce dedication to a singular purpose was an inspiration that kept them awed for hours.

Her younger brother, Lester "Less Ink" Marinko, can be seen here peering over the top of Julie's head. "LI," as he is known amongst the CHHS back alleys, who is keenly aware of all of Julie's vulnerabilities, also fails every attempt to break his sister's concentration from her Bookkeeping memorization.

Julie at Work Julie held several positions in the administrative offices of Cherry Hill High School. Whether typing derogatory comments in her classmate's Permanent Records or deliberately mixing up words for the daily cafeteria menu (a prank which was never detected all those years), she would always be seen hard at work earning money to keep food on the table for her family and shelter over their heads.

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