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Rich Henry Remembers

Rich Henry sent these memories of long ago. Some appear in the mind's eye as fresh as yesterday. They compliment Sharon Totzke's list. What else do you remember? Send your entries today!

Do you remember . . .
  • How the school could be completely emptied in minutes during a fire drill . . . and not a word spoken.
  • The boys helping Mr. Brown and Mr. Shedd moving desks on Fridays when the floors were to be scrubbed.
  • The smell of moth balls in the Athletic Office as Mr. Coil, Mr. Core, and Mr. Bindus sorted through various Catholic high school hand-me-downs hoping to find a decent fit for a student.
  • The "Guest" confessional in the back of the church behind the choir loft.
  • Msgr. Horkan pacing the parking lot in the early morning saying his prayers.
  • Suchyta's Bakery where a day old item was well worth the walk for those who had to serve the 6:30 a.m. Mass.
  • The line of bikes every nice school day.
  • Before the last 3 classrooms were built (in the southwest part of the school), there were movies shown. Each child was given a "Slo-Poke" sucker to keep them quiet and to last the duration of the movie.
  • The school library, originally in a small closet but later expanded to the convent garage.
  • Miss Bialco, Mr. Gellner, Mrs. Corbin and Mrs. Juskewicz.
  • The 2 days out of the year when the priests wore pink vestments.
  • The altar boy assignments were: (post Vatican II) Cross, Book, Good Candle and Bad Candle.
  • Where you were on November 22, 1963 when Sr. Mercita asked that all stand and say a prayer "for a very special intention."
  • The service squad girl who would ring the bell to signal end of recess. The first bell, everybody stopped, the second bell, everybody WALKED to the school.
  • 9:45 a.m. "High Mass."
  • The "Boys Saviour Club" Sister Lucia encouraged 2nd graders to join.
  • Economy Market.
  • The credit union located in the trailer.
Rich Henry



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