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Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Here are a few mementoes from St. Norbert Grade School and High School. As I find more I'll post them. If you send me yours I'll post them. Submittals in electronic format can be sent to <>. Or write to same for directions to mail items for scanning.

2/1/2009 -- Eileen Taylor contributes these 2 items. Her AAA Service Squad Card and a Catholic Youth Organization button. Eileen writes, "Here is a CYO pin and safety service card from the old days. I graduated 8th grade from St. Norberts in 1971, but then moved and graduated from Franklin High School in Livonia. I think I have some cheerleading and girls softball team photos that I will send along if I can find them." We will wait for them, Eileen!

Cheerleader Uniform N
the "N" from Toni Auletti's Cheerleader Uniform

St. Norbert Church Medalion
St. Norbert Catholic Church Medalion found by class of 1970 alum Steve White
Steve says, "It belonged to my Mother and it has been on Christmas trees for many years."

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