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Here's your chance to show and tell your side of the story. Doesn't matter which side. We'll look and listen to them all.

Herein lies the offer. Gather your courage and your scrapbooks and send them in to be scanned and dedicated to remembering a special time of growing up in Inkster Michigan. Sure, we thought little of it then, and sometimes think less of it now. But upon further reflection and contemplation, the dross falls away and the glory remains. Who among us doesn't on occasion yearn for the simplicity that was those days? If what follows has an appeal to you and you want to share in the joy let us know. Write to us and tell us you can join the festival of yesterday. The admission is free, the joy priceless.

arrow   Remembering Sister Florida -- Terry Ackerman, class of 1970 terry ackerman
arrow   Musical Wanderlust -- David Brzezinski, class of 1970 DB grad pic 1970
arrow   Celebrate Fifty -- John Schneider, class of 1970 jjs 1st grade
arrow   Kathy Foley's Picture Story -- Kathy Foley Schemers, class of 1971 grad
arrow   The St. Kevin's Connection -- Stephen Wroble, class of 1970 greg
arrow   As a Child Sees It -- John Schneider, class of 1970 neighbor kids
arrow   Life in Inkster and Beyond! -- Roseann Polovino, class of 1970 roseann polovino
arrow   St. Norbert Years, 1970 - 1977 -- Toni Auletti, Grades 2 through 8 Toni Auletti 1977
arrow   Senior Swingout-First Time Before an Audience -- John Schneider John and Guitar





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