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great web site now i'll start digging and bothering my parents for more info
michael o'mara <>
westland, mi USA - Wed Aug 13 7:42:44 2003
I was a 1961 St. Norbert's graduate (first graduating class). My brother, Chris, and sister, Nancy, lived on Arlington Dr. across the street from the Kendra family. I attended the school reunion recently, but was disappointed more from my class couldn't attend. I know how hard it is sometimes to get away. Anyway I have always wondered where the Kendra's are now, especially Janis. Can someone let me know?
Thanks, Carol Webb
Carol Lynn Webb (Finney) <webba@modempool>
Jackson, MI USA - Thu Aug 7 20:07:19 2003
Unfortunately I found out about the reunion to late to be able to plan on attending. It was a lot of fun seeing all the pictures - Sharon what a great job keeping all those pictures for the class of 1973. Would love to hear from any of the class.
Candie (Koval) Sionkowski <>
Westland, MI USA - Thu Jul 24 16:00:09 2003
Please expand on Doug Funke. He died? I just read your entry. Kathy Cullen Herr
Kathleen <>
Westland, MI USA - Wed Jul 23 18:09:32 2003

Ed. Note: See the Douglas Funke Death Notice here.

Look forward to seeing all at the reunion on Saturday. Memorial mass for Doug Funke is Thursday, July 24th, 2003 at 10:00 am at St. Hillary Church in Redford. He will be missed by many friends and classmates from St. Norberts and Cherry Hill. Doug was also a graduate of the University of Michigan.
Steven White '66 CHHS '70 <>
USA - Wed Jul 23 15:40:53 2003
What a pleasant surprise, coming across this website! As many folks have noted, it is a great trip down memory lane. I've often wondered what happened to some of those great classmates met along the way....

Attended St. Norberts from first grade through shared-time 9th grade.

Just returned from living in Trinidad, West Indies, for three years and now in Houston, Tx. Hope everyone enjoys the reunion.....
Joe Baka <>
Houston, Tx USA - Sat Jul 19 7:16:08 2003
The high school closed down so we moved to Plymouth after I graduated the 8th grade (1972). I remember making a poor Notre Dame Cathedral out of clay with John Totske. Hi John. Mark Zorich, Chris Williamson, Harry (Callis?), John Swayze, Jim Rhodes (who I lost a potato chip eating contest to), Dan and Barb Orlich were classmates. I remember that old broken down bus parked by the "social hall." Tripping over a jumprope in a feast day celebration for father, the library in a trailer with very old books.
Paul Brzezinski
Downers Grove, IL USA - Mon Jul 14 20:37:20 2003
My name is Stephen Wroble and I attended St Norbert's HS as part of the share time program with Cherry Hill HS from 66 to 69. I would have been in the class of 70, but my family moved to Plymouth at the end of my Junior year.

It was great to see your website and recall things about that time. I remember how we had to change schools in the middle of the day, which was especially fun when it was raining or snowing. I remember a talent show we had, and Rita Burr said "shit" out loud when she missed a note during her piano recital. And I remember how Sister Florida yelled at Dan Weiss every day for having his shirttails out. It's funny the things you remember.

I see you're planning a reunion for later this month. I, unfortunately, will be out of town on that day. I hope there will be others.

Anyway, thanks for the good memories!
Stephen Wroble <>
Plymouth, MI USA - Sat Jul 12, 2003
Hello everyone! Just a reminder we are still looking for volunteers to help out at the Reunion. The next meeting is set for July 10, at 6:30 at DJ's Distillery in the Cherry Hill Plaza Annex.
I hope Steve, your siblings are coming. Yes Sandy, I remember you, though you were a class behind me. Roseann, I'll bring some Motown CD's just for you. See everyone at the Reunion.
Les Marinko <>
Troy, MI USA - Tue Jul 8 21:53:28 2003
I have changed my email address from SRWDesignGroup@AOL to SRWDesignGrouop@JUNO. Enjoyed the comments from Bill Hendricks, I still enjoy yogurt by the way! Drop me a line....
Steven White
Class of '66
Steven White <>
Westland, MI USA - Mon Jul 7 16:45:23 2003
I look forward to attending. Is anyone from the final days going to be there? I left the year before it closed. I have a lot of great memories. I was part of the first group of girls allowed to be an altar server. The field day events, playing softball and warming the bench for basketball but had great coaches (Kathleen Herr and Nancy Cullen). I went to my first Tiger game with the softball team. The only nun of my time was Sister Barbara Mary. The last day of school shaving cream fights. I hope to see some of the class of '83 or the would-have-been class of CHHS 1987.
Nora O'Brien <>
Inkster, MI USA - Wed Jul 2 20:21:25 2003
Sounds like the reunion is going to be great. I hope you're also planning to have some "Motown" for us die-hard Motown fans who grew up in the 60's and 70's. Thanks for all your hard work to get this together!
Roseann (Polovino) Gomez <>
Dearborn Heights, MI USA - Wed Jul 2 20:08:14 2003
WOW!!!s malane This is great. Can't wait to see everyone. I remeber quite a few of the names but as I am reading some of the passages more and more are coming back to me. I just wonder how many people remember me??????? I was kind of shy back in the day but am the manager of the Respiratory Therapy department at a local hosiptal and sorta broke out of that shell. Hope to see all you 1973 grads at the reunion (and others of course!) It's only a few weeks away. See you there. I'm hoping to talk Marai Majka (Phillips) into coming with me. Remember her??????
m majka See you in July
Sandy Malane (Wright) <>
Dearborn, MI USA - Tue Jun 24 15:19:05 2003
Can't wait to see everyone July 26th. Hopefully we can get together before or after...I'll be there from Wednesday through Wednesday and plan on helping out with set up on Friday and tear down on Saturday.

Drop me a line if you get a chance.
Julie Marinko Plunk <> Jackson, TN USA - Wed Jun 18 20:01:28 2003
Just found out about this great website. It certainly does bring back memories long ago forgotten. I was a share timer that graduated in 1972 from CHHS and I have fond memories of Sister Mercita. I was constantly getting in trouble for my hair being too long and my skirt being too short. How many times did we have to wear kleenex on our heads because we forgot our beanies and how many times did we witness the sprinkling of the red dust when some poor soul got sick in church? I remember nutty donuts and chocolate milk and Mike and Mark Michon (?). Looking forward to the reunion - it should be a great walk down memory lane. The years at St. Norbert's were special times.
linda mahoney <>
USA - Wed Jun 11 17:44:14 2003

MELBOURNE, FL USA - Fri May 30 15:53:31 2003
I have been out of touch for a while. Last summer I saw many of you at the CHHS Reunion, so for me it was like being at 2 reunions. A great time.

There are so many memories I could share. So for now I will try just one. I promised John Schneider that I would re tell my recollection of Sr. Helen Judes' (our 6th grade teacher) Monday morning take on the Beatles February 4th, 1964 performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. We of course being awe struck 6th graders wanted her opinion but all she would say was that,...."their music has a good beat but they would never last." She of course was our much admired music teacher and possessed a beautiful singing voice and I distinctly remember feeling an overwhelming sense of disappointment at what seemed to me, a casual dismissal of their music. I thought to myself,"How could she say such a thing??!!" All of us were buzzing over their show from the previous night, as were millions of other adolescents. No one could have predicted the profound effect the Beatles were to have on us and our culture. My apologies to Sister wherever you are!!!

Steven White <>
Westland, MI USA - Saturday, May 17, 2003 1:17 PM
SNS 8th grade 1974. My memories include, not in any particular order: "Fr. Petit Said It", Sister Rita Burns,
Sister Mary Helen, white milk 2 cents, chocolate 3 cents, walking to John Hill for shared time school in the most dastardly weather, Marvin Zoltosky and his donuts, Alongi bakery, economy market coke and chips 25 cents, Kresge pop a balloon win a sundae, my best friend Mark Weiss still friends after 32 years!!!, the smartest and prettiest Diane York, the kind Mrs. Pouch, last year of CYO football at SNS 1973, altar serving, not making choir, my classmates; Tony Fuciardi, John Kaltz, Jerome Williams, David Ledbetter, Ron Schroek, Kyle Kendra, the Harris sisters, Cheryl Bratcher, Angela Tarach, Tammy Tanguay. Memories from my "Wonder Years" childhood in Inkster and St. Norbert School. Thanks Mom!

John Paris <>
Westminster, MD USA - Thu May 8 7:52:40 2003
Looking forward to attending this summer. I was at the 2001 reunion, where 10 of us from my class (first graduating class from St. Norbert's grade school 1961) were in attendance. I will try to contact more of my classmates. Keep up the good work on the website...Ron Beard
Ron Beard <>
Canton, MI USA - Thu May 1 12:04:12 2003
What an amazing site! My boys (Mikey 10, Johnny 7) got a big laugh out of my 2nd grade class picture. They were impressed that all the boys were wearing ties. I explained that ties were an every day thing back then but I'm not sure they believed me. Anyway...looking foreward to the reunion in July (hoping I can get there). Feel free to drop me a line.

Jim Clancy <>
Okeechobee, fl USA - Fri Apr 18 11:39:06 2003

Sharon Kendra's 5th Grade Class:

1st Row L to R
1. Sharon Kendra
4. Candice Koval
6. Marlene Pompa

2nd Row L to R
2. Rosemary White
7. Felicia Lemanyck
8. Mary Papa?
4th Row L to R
2. Chris Stevens (T-Man)
3. Robert Powell
3rd Row L to R
1. Tom Cutting (Mandi)
2. Steve Henry (Edda)
3. Paul Upchurch (Downey)
4. Dave Carter
5. Steve Lezotte
6. Doug Wilson
7. James Gubala (Gube)
8. Bill Tenza

Unknown St. Norbert Student <>
Spring Hill, Fla Usa - Fri Apr 11 21:47:29 2003

Here is what my records say of Sharon Kendra's Avondale Kindergarten pictures:

1st Row L to R
1. Miss Freeman/Mrs. Baxter
3. Roxanne Priebe
4. Dickie ?
5. Jody Booth
6. Tim Wilkes

2nd Row L to R
2 Butch ?
4. Alan ?
5. Mary ?
6. Jimmy ?
7. Bridget Seitz
5th Row L to R
1. Bill Tenza
2. Keith Falzon
3. Tim Mackinally ?
4. Sharon Kendra
3rd Row L to R
1. Rick Stone
2. Barbara Tryzinski
3. Marlene Pompa
4. Scott Scarborough

4th Row L to R
2. John Tachoir
3. Tim Zielinski
4. Kevin Corbin
5. Annie ?

Unknown St. Norbert Student <>
Tarpon Springs , Fla Usa - Fri Apr 11 21:36:44 2003

Who would have thought back then that the St. Norbert's experience would have such a profound experience on us? I attended from first grade through 10th grade when the high school closed down. My graduating class of '73 was scattered to the winds. It would be nice to hear more from some of them. I'm an attorney now, which will be hard for some of you to imagine given how shy I was as a kid.

I hope there is a good turn out at this year's reunion.
Christine Brzezinski <>
gaylord, michigan USA - Fri Apr 11 18:22:49 2003
Wow, flashbacks!

I didn't attend St. Norbert's School--disabled students were not welcome in those days, but my brother Mark and sister Mary were both "shared-timers".
Great job!
Tim <> Tim Schutte
Inkster, MI USA - Fri Mar 14 8:30:51 2003
Another thought-I wonder how many of our alumni also sent their children to Catholic schools. We have three children, all who have attended Catholic Elementary and Secondary schools (St. William of Walled Lake, and St. Mary's Preparatory of Orchard Lake). Talking to other parents of these schools, we all share the same fond memories of small classes, lousy steamed hotdogs, variety of cupcakes, social hall/gym, conserving paper, getting sick during the stations of the cross, limited art/music supplies etc. There are some things that really have not changed!
Suzanne Kendra-Franczak <>
Walled Lake, MI USA - Mon Mar 3 10:06:20 2003
Great Website! Looking forward (with my sisters, Janis, Sharon, Jeanne and brother Walter Kendra) to attending the reunion in July. I did go through some old pics and found many class pictures of the class of 1973-74. I have not seen any of my classmates on the website, just a few siblings names I recognized. I hope the pictures will bring many more "younger" St. Norbert students to the reunion!
Suzanne Kendra-Franczak <>
walled lake, mi USA - Mon Mar 3 9:26:21 2003
Great site, my thanks to all who contributed. I look forward to renewing friendships at the reunion.
Sharon Kendra-Routsaw <>
Canton, MI USA - Fri Feb 7 15:32:37 2003
What a great site!! Reading the guestbook sure brought back memories for me. I attended St. Norbert's from 1st grade through 6th grade when we moved up north because my Dad retired. I was in the class of 1974. Some of the names I remember are Vickie Beard, Peter Verbanic, Skip Theisen, Michael Polk, Joseph Baka, Karen Tanguay and Sharon Poole I think. I remember the hot dog Fridays and donut days. I also remember standing out in the freezing cold waiting to get into the building and when one of the nuns would come out of the building, we would run up to them and ask if we could carry their briefcases, just so we could get in the warm building sooner. I remember a lot of the teachers too. I remember, Sr. Helen Jude, Sr. Florida, Sr. John Ann, Sr. Mercedes, Sr. Mercita (who could forget her!), Sr. Michael Patricia (one of my favorites), Sr. John Regis (one of my least favorites), Mrs. Nelson (another favorite), Miss Hatch, Miss Van Conant, Sr. Helen Claire and my all time favorite, Sr. Andrew Bobola. I was an altar boy and remember Sr. Bobola was kind of our sponsor and took care of us and called us the "Knights of the Altar." WOW, what a trip down memory lane and more came back to me than I thought. I can identify my brother David Houle in the class of 1970 pictures. I think my sister Gwen is in another one and I know my sister Merry Lynn is in the last one. How do I go about adding their names to the class list? I'm going to tell my siblings about the reunion this year and hopefully, we will be there. Thanks again for putting this all together. I may have some photos at home and believe it or not, I still have the letter my classmates wrote to me in 1967 to say goodbye. I'll dig that out and will have a lot of the names of my classmates. It would be great to hear from any of them.
Vince Houle <>
Novi, MI USA - Thu Jan 30 13:24:46 2003
I ran across this site by chance. It needs some pictures of the younger classes. Maybe some from Mr. Martin or Sr. Nancy maybe Mr. Fitzgerald.

Great site keep up the good work.
Livonia, mi USA - Mon Dec 9 10:49:48 2002
Great Website Schneider; its a good thing your parents and mine decided to tie with only 8 kids each.

I was always at Norbie's in the pm for shared time and I want to thank all those who gave me answeres for those afternoons tests. I don't think with zero studying I would of passed any other way. I remember when Bill and John Schneider, my brother Dan and I served mass together and hid in the closet and sent secret messages from heaven to Monsignor Horkin..."Vince this is God..." After tasting the Church Wine of course!
John Perkovich <>
Canton, MI USA - Tue Nov 19 5:28:37 2002
Great to see this site. My sister sent me the link. I went to St. Norberts from 1963 - 1971. Up to share time in 7th. grade and then CHHS till 1976.
John W. Totzke <>
Lee's Summit, MO USA - Fri Nov 1 13:29:16 2002
I moved from Inkster to Geneva, NY over the summer after seventh grade. While I continue to follow the Tigers and Lions and admit out loud that I like the Red Wings, I've often wondered what became of my St. Norbert's classmates, particularly Blair Bozek, John Gareau and Paul Panaretos. I was delighted to find your website and Chris Bielak's pictures of our class. By separate e mail I have identified myself and several other classmates in those photos ( I was disappointed at not being identified but its my own fault for moving away).

I have some movies of the football team from what must have been the fall of 1964. I don't remember our record but we had a kid who drop kicked our extra points, a skill non-existent now and still pretty unusual back then. Apparently you can't post them to the website but I will send a tape to you before the reunion in case someone wants to bring a VCR and show them.

I just had my fiftieth birthday and I have convinced my children that we had in fact invented the internal combustion engine and (eventually) color TV when I was their age. Showing them my class photos and linking to the other sites (I recalled Soupy Sales, Howdy Doody and Milky the clown but I had completely lost Johnny Ginger, Sagebrush Shorty and Poopdeck Paul) calls all of that into doubt for them. What a flood of wonderful memories.

I just read through the guest book. I too remember the First Friday donuts and the Hot Dog Sales. For years I would only eat boiled hot dogs stuck in a bun and then wrapped in a napkin and kept warm in the oven for half an hour. I remember eating breakfast at our desks after church each morning and watching Steven White consume the then unheard of concoction called yogurt. I remember Chris Blackford primarily because my dad was Assistant Troop Master to his dad in the Boy Scouts. I remember Chris Finney sitting on Santa's lap and pulling his beard down and letting it snap back on his face. And didn't Richard Romanko have perfect attendance for my seven years at St. Norbert's? I know where I was when Kennedy was shot. I was with many of you in reading class. I wear a belt and clean my fingernails every day because I wouldn't want to get the wrong colored dot after my name on Mr. Giles chart. Mrs. Bourgeios may still be the nicest woman I ever met. I remember selling Christmas cards and having to specify if they were to be in English or Polish.

If everyone gets the pleasure I did when finding this site your considerable efforts in maintaining it are rewarded tenfold. Keep up the good work and pray for the Tigers.
Bill Hendricks <>
Sodus, NY USA - Tue Oct 29 13:55:24 2002
Hey guys:

I came across this website by accident and I was so impressed!I can't begin to tell you how great it was to stroll down memory lane, especially after 32 years!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry we missed the 50th anniversary, but we were out of state at the time. I haven't seen many of the "Norbies" names on the list to attend Cherry Hill's reunion this Saturday. Would love to hear from those who plan to attend and those who don't!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roseann Polovino (Gomez) <>
copied from the Voyforums - Tues Jul 23 20:48:51 2002
Many memories of St. Norbert's. Does anyone remember the contest to name the little snowplow tractor. The winning name was Mr. Putt-Putt.

I remember hot dog day, when a few times a year you could get a hot dog and buy a cupcake baked by some of the mothers in the parish.

Running around the parking lot during the lunch period, the boys on the big lot and the girls on the long driveway along side of the school building.
Mathew Brzezinski <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Thu Jul 4 20:09:08 2002
In Sharon's pictures, Sr. Lucia's Rm. 19 2nd grade class was mine. In the same set of pictures, my brother Steve was in 6th grade and my brother Dave was in 4th.
Mark A. Brzezinski <>
Ypsilanti, MI USA - Mon Jul 1 6:44:25 2002
I spent my whole life at St. Norberts. When they were building the convent, we went on a tour and my mom told them to hold some rooms for the Foley girls. Unfortunately (luckily for the church) none of us had the "calling" or "vocation".

We lived on Sherbourne and enjoyed sitting on our porch on Sunday mornings to watch everyone file into church in their good clothes. We also spent alot of time at the playground after school hours with the Flavins.

I remember the month of May, when we would go outside for the May procession for the Blessed Mother and say the rosary and bring flowers from home to put on the altar to the Blessed Mother.

Midnight Mass for Christmas was always a highlight too. Even after I graduated from high school, would come back to mom's to attend Midnight Mass at St. Norbert's and see all the kids from school, who were also with their folks.

What a great neighborhood we grew up in. We knew all the people, and I thought everyone was Catholic, since 95% of the people we knew, went to church with us.

Lots more thoughts and memories have been brought to mind by reading through these entries. How about the dances we had at the Social Hall. We usually tried to get a band called the "RUMOURS". We could hear them all the way to our house, when they were warming up and doing sound check. My mom always knew when the dance was over, because the music stopped. No way we could lie about what time we got out!!!

Thanks for putting this together. I am total enjoying reliving my youth. The pictures from the year book are hard to see, but I find I recognize everyone and remember almost 100% of the names. We need a "Where are they now" page.

Looking for some old pics and will make copies of my report cards and other St. Norbert stuff as soon as I can. Even have my mom trying to find her pics too. Take care, Kathy Foley Schemers
Kathy Foley (Roell, then Schemers) <>
Waterford, MI USA - Wed Jun 19 11:59:46 2002

My fondest memories were snow fights in the field behind the playground...letting the boys shove snow down our shirts..Also when Hydel Lasane (spelling) punched Chris McCarty...(remember Hydel was the Mayor's son)
Angie Miruzzi-Cooney <>

Thank you for doing such an awesome job....
These do bring back memories. I have some very old elemetary year books. Have to dig them out @ get them to you.
CHHS is having a reunion on July 29th, 2002 at the ole ball field... Is there a reunion for Norby's???
Lynn Rovsek <>

Speaking of running away from school, I recall my own runaway episode while attended Avondale School during Kindergarten. The year was 1957. One sunny day toward the end of recess I took a few seconds to formulate a plan. When the bell rang and all the kids went inside, I would be at the end of the line, and instead of closing the door behind me returning to class I would shut the door and run home. The playground was on the east side of the school so I had to run down Avondale on the sidewalk to Inkster Road then follow Inkster Road south to Colonial Drive where I lived. I didn't think about it at the time but running along the sidewalk of Avondale meant running past the entire length of the school. Past the classrooms and, more importantly, past the offices. But all that mattered to me was going home. Not that Kindergarten was so harsh for a five year old child. I must have figured that I had better things to do with my time than sit around the classroom coloring pictures, listening to stories, taking naps. Funny, I still feel that way about work now, except that most of us have little time for naps these days.

I suppose I should have been amazed that I actually made it all the way home that first attempt with no one screaming at my back. Entering my house mom asked me why I was home so early. I just said they let us out for the day. She questioned me no more about it and I proceeded to have a great afternoon playing.

I saw no reason not to try it again the next day. So, trailing the other kids leaving the playground I again closed the door and ran down the sidewalk. This time I only got half way down the length of the school before my teacher yelled calling me back. I remember I had to sit outside the principle's office to be interrogated about my behavior though I don't recall there being much punishment besides going back to class. No wonder I turned into such a rebellious teenager with that kind of spunk.
John Schneider <>
I have to set the record staight about Mary Auty's comments. In first grade we were introduced to our new teachers, and mine was a lady. Being that I grew up across from the church I expected to have a nun for a teacher. I was so upset that the first chance I got, out in the hall, I bolted out the Inkster road side doors, straight across to my house. My mother brought me back in tears and they put me in a nun's class. North wing, classroom furthest West, South side of hall. My mother still brings it up to my wife and kids.
Richard Romanko <>
Ok, my turn again...

Remember recitation points and Rita Bur getting one every time for saying "It depends on the individual"? Remember when we had to stand up and greet visitors "Good morning, Father Child" (said in a sing-song voice). How about the green uniforms? And when Nancy Seppi took her beanie and threw it in the air and it landed on a light? Remember "put a ruffle on it"? Of course MY skirts were NEVER that short.

Ok...NEXT (but fair warning...I can do this for DAYS)
Julie <> 2002-01-22
I just love this website, thank you for the memories!

Remember driver's training when Mr. Hawn (math teacher) would take us into the parking lot on ice and put the car into a spin? He made us girls wear skirts even though the temp was subzero!!(What was he looking at???)

Remember when Dan Perkovich and Sister Florida had a tussle in the storage closet? Her headpiece fell off and exposed her HAIR!! I thought she was going to kill Dan!

Now this is going way back... does anyone remember in 1st grade when David Falzon ESCAPED from school. We were in Mrs. Spencer's class. We were in the hallway lining up for the lavatory (on every other tile of course) when all of a sudden David ran out the side doors and all the way home. Wow, was he ever in trouble. Next? See you in June!
mary(auty)dziuba <>
[webmaster's note: see this Detroit Fre Press article about Mary's family and friends preparing for a trip to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.]
Thanks for this very nice web site. Hello to everyone that visits. Please spread the word and come to the reunion .. Sounds like fun to me...
John Thorpe <>
Ya want memories???? I remember when Danny Weiss gave Carolyn Courneya a "Going steady" necklace in the church. She played the organ and I think we were in the choir singing.

We had to learn the words to "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles and sing them.

I played Donna Sue in the play "Hillbilly Weddin". I think Bo played the guy I married.

Roseanne Polovino bombed around town in a green Maverick. How did she get her hair in the car???

Tony Lombard played an elf in the Christmas play.

Kathy Pawelek did an interpretive reading of "Are you my Mother?"

Cheryl Yassay almost hit a bus in drivers ed. John Flavin and I were with her. I can't remeber who our instructor was. Hey...where IS John Flavin anyhow????
Julie <> 2002-01-10
Debbie Stone (Troyer) wrote below "am now married to Al Stone..."

Al Stone!!!! Wasn't he the guy that worked one summer (around 1969) for that greenhouse business on Michigan Avenue west of Inkster Road (I forget its name) and irritated me so much once that I lost my temper and actually started fighting with him on the greenhouse floor until the ladies working around the scene got between all the flying fists and separated us?!? (And me, the pacifist!! We got along fine after that.) Well, tell him hello for me!!
John Schneider <>
What you are doing is a great thing for those who attented St Norbert's. I myself did not go there, I went to Cherry Hill but am now married to Al Stone...

Hope to attend your gathering in June!!!
Debbie Stone <>
I remember almost everyne who has posted a note on this Web site. Fond memories, too. Nice job, John.

St. Norbert (Elementary) School to me was donuts on First Fridays after morning Mass and Donna Richard graciously sharing with me; Fr. Majeski's long and sometimes wide-ranging talks after Mass on a periodic basis to all students assembled there; going home for lunch; high expectations from the nuns and lay teachers; safety patrol and service squad; the school filled to capacity with students - three classes, I believe, for every grade level; screaming and laughing kids running all over the parking lot and playfield during lunch break; the trophy case at the main entrance to the building; a priest or Sr. Mercita passing out report cards; Shared Time and enjoying the best of both a private and public education.

We're all products of our connections. Thank you, everyone, who touched my life there.

doug funke
I am also a member of St. Noberts and just wanted to say this was very nice and interesting to read. I helped with the 50th Anniversary of the church and it was very nice to see all the people coming to visit and enjoying the Dinner and Dance that we had for them. I hope it is there for another 50 years. Thanks for letting me enjoy the site.
Kim Marroquin <>
So many memories...Remember getting report cards passed out by Msgr.Horkin, Father Boyce or(heaven forbid)Sr.Mercita?

...collecting money for the pagan babies...Sr.Mauritia falling asleep in the middle of class...the coolest nun there ever was Sr.Gretchen....and the sweetest nun Sr.John Ann(Dorothy)...the handsomest teacher Mr.Cookingham. I am sure I can find a few more pictures and will pass this website on to fellow alumni. Thanks for all your effort!
Mary (Pozdol) Ketelhut <>
What you are doing is a great thing for those who attented St Norbert's. I myself did not go there, I went to Cherry Hill but am now married to Al Stone... Hope to attend your gathering in June!!!
Debbie Stone <>
I have many memories of St. Norberts. Fainting during Mass at least once a month. Sr. Mercita's keys jangling as she walked down the hall. Loren Gormans uniform skirts, they never were the correct length, always short, but she'd try anyway! Kleenex the girls had to wear in Church when we forgot our beret's. Danny Weiss sneaking out the window in high school and bringing back donuts. Sister Elaine who had us interpretet Simon and Garfunkle music. Paula Leytons yellow beetle and the way she drove, cigarette in one hand, coke in the other and driving a stick shift!
Kathleen (Cullen) Herr <>
Ron wrote ". . . as i am writing this, it is jan.1st 2002 . how did that happen?!"

I don't know. I turn 50 this year; how the heck did !that! happen!?!?
John Schneider <>
it is great to see the pics and stories. as i am writing this, it is jan.1st 2002 . how did that happen?!
ron anderson <>
Hey you guys, don't know if anyone remembers me but here I am. Spelled out my whole name just like the good Sisters taught me. It's been awhile so give me a jingle and we'll catch up!
Christopher Blackford <>
i sure do remember getting my knuckles cracked by sister florita---and after looking at all the pictures i remember having crushes on a few of you ladies----care to guess which ones?
larry toth <>
Thanks to whoever started this website!!!
Debbie Gutekunst Suiter <>
A wonderful site, and a terrific job! I never had a year book, but when I saw the pic of my class, I was just thrilled! (even though I wasnt in it!) LOL! Guess I had better things to do that day. Tee hee. :o) I will let others know about this page for you. Congrats on a job well done!
Jeri Schiffer (Mayer, Hammerschmidt) <>
Very nice John. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into these pages. Thanks for putting my picture right up front.
Les Marinko <>
Hey, anyone out there from St.Norbert's 8th class of 1964? I remember our class being the 1st class to venture into "public territory" with the shared-time program in the 7th grade (1962-63). I remember being in music class at Cherry Hill in Nov. of 63 when the announcement over the PA came that the "President has been shot". We were immediately dismissed and everyone was crying.

If anyone knows where Barb Sullivan, my best friend in grade is, please let me know. We went to different highschools and lost touch. Also would like to know how my 1st love, Jim Wells has spent his life. Not to worry, I'm happily married with 5 kids, 4 grandkids!
Kay Watson (Kathy Mendrek) <>
This is truly amazing. Now if I could only remember this stuff. I know I was there, but it sure gets fuzzy after a few years. Thanks for the work guys!
David J. Brzezinski <>
Great Memories
Richard Romanko <>
The grade school classes on occasion would double file march across the court yard to Mass in the morning. After a number of years attending church one got used to the progression of kneeling, standing , and sitting positions at various locations in the pageant. I remember as about a 5th grader trying an experiment once to see if I could intuit the next position by keeping my eyes closed and guessing the next position and see where I was after a few cycles. After a minute or so of rotating through a series I opened my eyes while standing only to discover everyone else was seated. I immediately joined them. I don't recall anyone mentioning this strange behavior to me then or since, and neither have I repeated the experiment. It would have seemed a perfect opportunity for a punitive strike by a nun but none came. This was merely one creative way to pass time during Mass as a grade school student.
John Schneider <>
Great Job! I hope we can get more pics...I'll start looking in closets and drawers.
Julie Marinko Plunk <> 2001-09-04
Sister Mercita once stopped me in the hallway and screamed "If you don't cut your bangs and get them out of your eyes young lady, you're going to have to wear glasses someday!!" Being a St. Norbert student rebel, I ignored her warning. Today I wear contact lenses... but least they're not glasses!
Mary Cullen <>
Oh the memories! It was a great time growing up at St. Norbert's and I will have to dig my school pictures out! How many of us still feel the hair on the back of our neck raise up when we think we hear Sister Mercita coming down the hall? Still scares me!
Cheryl Walter (Bielak) <>
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