Schneider Family Photographs

November 1976 thru December 1979

Photography by Greg Schneider

This second half of Greg's fourth album contains more personal photos, those he took in Houston while attending University. These are those that depict the Schneider family. Maybe later the shots taken at Detroit Pistons games or a couple of Linda Ronstadt in concert can be included, as well as numerous attractions to the college campus that, alas, have to be left behind. But for now these are the last pictures of his siblings and parents he took while some still lived at home at 1387 Colonial Drive, Inkster, Michigan.

Some of the photos are in black and white and include some shots that Greg posed showing his desire to expand his skill behind the lens.

Note: Needless to say, the dates imprinted on the photos are dates the pictures were developed, not necessarily the dates they were shot.

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