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1970 Class Picture

from Mary (Cullen) Guttman

Maureen Cullen sent this picture (and the 1965 photo) to her sister Mary who scanned it and sent it to us on August 29, 2011. The names written on the picture are reprinted more legibly below the photo. If anyone recognizes a face let us know the name. Write to

Click on photo to see larger image (942 kb).

Mary Cullen's class of 1964

On the 1969-70 photo names were written under each picture as follows:
Top Left to Right
Mike, Jean, Sister Angela, Mr. Watts, Mary, Steve, ?,
Second Row Left to Right
Maureen (Cullen), Tom, Michelle, Jim
Third Row Left to Right
Denise, Val, Matt, Maire, Mike, Sue, Dave, Cindy
Fourth Row Left to Right
Patty, Ted, Penny, Joe, Loren, Karen, Sue, Ron
Bottom Row Left to Right
Ann Marie, Jean, Dan, Joan, Bill, Angie, Mary (Clancy)


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