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1964 Grade 3 Class Picture

from Mary (Cullen) Guttman

Mary Cullen sent this 1964 St. Norbert class photo to us on March 16, 2010. The names she can recall are below the photo. If anyone recognizes a face let us know the name. Write to

Click on photo to see larger image (146 kb).

Mary Cullen's class of 1964

Top Row from Left: 1. John Parker   2.   Tim Zielinski   3. Bill Ginn   4. Richard Loftus note   6. Bob Volland   7. Rick Stone
Second Row:   1. Lawrence Perkovich   2. Tommy Holbeck   5. Rick Kozmo
Third Row:   2. Paul ?   3. John Hawk   4. John Tachoir   6. Tommy Wilhelm   9. Jeffrey Wing
Fourth Row:   1. Mary Cullen   2. Cindy Proben   3. Cindy Croft   6. Sandy Malane
Fifth Row:   1. Myriam Cibrowski   2. Sherry Williams   3. Theresa Powers   4. Mary Kay Bailey   5. Roxanne Priebe   6. Stephanie Lang   7. Barbara Tryzinski
Sixth Row:   1. Christine Brzezinski   2. Mary ?   3. Colleen Cotter


Gary ( gazer69r - gmaildotcom ) emailed me with 3 names on Aug. 28, 2011. It's nice to see this site is alive and well!
Top row No.7 Glen Peters
top row No. 8 Rick Stone
top row No. 9 Gary Johnson

note Thanks to John Danforth for these two names, Bill Ginn and Timothy Loftus. [4/1/10] "2nd row from the top 3rd picture from the left is Bill Ginn. the next photo on that row is Timothy Loftus. (Memory don't fail me now)"
UPDATE [4/5/10] "I forgot they were in the class ahead of me! There were 5 loftus boys..Richard was the 3rd..."

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