Cherry Hill High School, Inkster, Michigan

The Brightest & Best Series


The Cherry Hill High School Brightest and Best Series only recently came to light thanks to the efforts of several teams of archaeologists who have dedicated themselves to unearthing whatever remains and documents might still lie at the bottom of one the premier high schools of Inkster, Michigan. So far few fragments have been found and processed and decrypted but the record of the following individuals now can be made public. It is hoped more will soon be discovered. The future for such exploration looks promising and the world will be a better place for it.

Little is known of the Committee for a Responsible Truth. Who were its members and to what purpose were they dedicated? Was it sinister or benign? The answers to these questions are not easily determined as the group kept no official records of their meetings. It can only be assumed that in the latter stages of the decline of the institution certain prominent students joined ranks to forestall the final collapse of the school. That they failed should not minimize the valiant heroics of their efforts. Truly, it must be recognized that little could be done to postpone the inevitable ruin brought on by serious moral decay and student apathy. Things had just slipped too far for recovery.

What is known for certain is that in the middle of the 1980s, the decade that brought Saturday Night dance music to a new low thanks to John Travolta, witnessed the closing of Cherry Hill High School. It is hoped that by republishing this Brightest and Best Series from the files of the Committee for a Responsible Truth the reputation of CHHS can be salvaged and restored to its rightful place at the forefront of secondary educational institutions of the State of Michigan.

Christine Bielak - The Sophomore Years Christine Bielak - The Sophomore Years

Julie Marinko Senior Class Julie Marinko -- Senior "Class"

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