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Toni Auletti Original Art

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Toni gave me this original piece of art in thanks for creating her web page filled with her memories and photos and people that shaped her life while attending St. Norbert School in the 1970's. Even though she sent this to me right after I added her pages to this glorious St. Norberts collection (that was April 2007) it only now (Sept. 2022) occurred to me to include a photo of the artwork for others to appreciate. I include her comments below about how the piece came to be. I love this image. Hopefully she may send others to grace these pages.
-- John Schneider, class of 1970.

St. Norbert Class 1969-1970 Grade 1
© "gracious" by Toni Auletti

The "Letter Art" is a sort-of creation of mine, it's the plastic top of our painting studio mixing table. It's the kind of plastic little-old-ladies sew into furniture covers so when people sit down on the couch, it's covered artistically in beautiful clean plastic (picture the 1960s). I peal off the table covering every few months, and the results are this stunning Jackson Pollack style one of a kind spontaneous art. I have more of that stuff if you are wanting some

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