St Norbert Class of 1970, in the 11th Grade

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Brenda Klink, Julie Marinko, Terry Ackerman, Paula Leyten, Cindy Gies, K. Young, Rita Bur, Virgina Koivunen, Roseann Polovino, Kathy Pawelek, Cathy Kehoe, Diane Zelenka, Barbara Lezotte, Jerry LaFrance, Peter Gurczynski, James Peter, Mike Bratcher, Gerald Czaja, John Neph, Dan Perkovich, Dale Moore.

Class of 1970

Please note the following name corrections: Bottom Row: Brenda Klink, not "Klenk," Terry Ackerman not "Eckerman," Paula Leyten, not "Layten," Rita Bur, not "Burr;" Middle row: Virginia Koivunen, not "Koivemen," Roseann Polovino, not "Polivino," Kathy Pawelek, not "Pawclek," Barb Lezotte, not "Lezott," and the individual next to Barb isn't mentioned though I believe it is Richard Romanko. Top row: Gary Czaja, not "Gzaja," and at the end of the row is Dale Moore (not More") and to his right is Danny (not "J") Perkovich, not the reverse as printed. The miss-spellings and inaccuracies in the Cherry Hill High School Yearbooks are legendary! I think they were done on purpose to give a good laugh.

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