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Here are a variety of items involving St. Norbert Church. Kathy /Foley/ Schemers sent to me the donation plaques made available because of the closing of the church. Thanks, Kathy!

St. Norbert Completion Brochure

St. Norbert Messenger

Donation Placards

St. Norbert Church 25th Anniversary Celebration Book

Church 50th Anniversary Reunion

Picture of St. Norbert Church probably around 1953, from a postcard handed out at final Mass, May 13, 2004. Note it says Ss. Kevin & Norbert Parish.

Here are items sent in by Les Marinko.

St. Norbert's in the News concerning Fr. Pazik, the Shared Time High School, and Fr. Graven obituary.

St. Norbert Sanctuary Postcard after the renovation in the Sixties.

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