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Henry Rodriguez - Grade 7

1959 - 1960

Henry Rodriguez found a copy of a Seventh Grade class picture from 1960. Here is the note he wrote.

My name is Henry Rodriguez. I didn't attend St Norberts, but 2 brothers (Jim & Jerry) and 1 sister (Janet) did. I went to Catechism at St Norberts; I couldn't attend the school because when they 1st opened they only went to a certain grade, and I was always 1 year too old to attend. I graduated from Garden City H.S. in 1964, I knew many people from St. Norberts, Cherry Hill & Inkster High. I lived in Garden City but I had so many friends at Cherry Hill that most of the teachers & students thought I was one of them. I could attend the dances & other events with no questions asked. I also knew Cathi Garcia when she sang with Jeff & the Atlantics, and many others from Inkster. Here is a photo from 7th grade-1959. I only know a few of the names there but in the near future I will update when I can get more names from Henry Lehman who is my best friend (over 50 yrs) and in this photo.

April 20, 2011. The photo was obtained by my friend Henry Lehman and most photos were identified by Vickie Westley, (both pictured here). Vickie may provide more photos of this class in the future as she finds them in her collection.

Click on photo to see larger image with their names.

grade 7, 1959-1960

If anyone can identify others pictures here, let us know and we'll fill in the blanks. Write to:

March 29, 2014, A huge thanks to Mary Stewart, Camille Filiatrault Rigney, and Sue Reyes-Sardelli who have added more names to the list found on the next page. We all are grateful! (John Schneider - class of '70)



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