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Scenes from a Yearbook

Just to add a little fun to these web pages, random scenes from a high school yearbook will appear here. These first are taken from the Cherry Hill Yearbook of 1970 and of 1968. The objective is to include St. Norbert alumni somewhere in the picture and see if you can find them. Many faces will be obvious to some visitors, others might be a tad more obscure. If you feel so inclined, a page placing names with faces can be included. And, as always, if any of you have your own yearbooks from high school and want to share some similar photos please feel free. See below for some ID's made so far. Let us know if you find others.

All donations of content will be cheerfully accepted, send oversized digital photos to < >.

Click on photo for larger image. Also a hi-resolution image is included for detail using the specified link.

1970 yearbook, 70kb
Hi-Res version (1252 x 732) (84kb)
1970 yearbook, 61kb
Hi-Res version (1237 x 708) (74kb)

class meeting

homecoming court

soph. float, first place
Hi-Res version (1314 x 903) (124kb)

lunch w/ donna
lunch w/ mackow


senior lounge

carolyn courneya
linda lucas

junior homecoming
class play

class play
Hi-Res version (1326 x 634) (104kb)


Names identified so far of St. Norbert alumni past or present (in no particular order):     Debbie McGregor, Carol Storti, Nancy Speir, Kathy Myers, Cecilia White, Roseann Polovino, Julie Marinko, Les Marinko, John Neph, Judy Wilson, Lynn Rovsek, Patti Myers, Kathy Foley, Pam Polk, M. Sanderson, Christine Bielak, Denise Menard, Donna Madigan, Maureen Sanderson, John Mackowski, Jim Mendrek, Richard Romanko, Dan Dwyer, Linda Robertson, Jerry Pluta, Carolyn Courneya, Steve White, Linda Lucas, Donna Richard, Kathy Orlich, Chuck Spisak, Linda Mahoney, Dave Falzon, Gary Kucharczyk, Ramona Hook, (to be continued) . . . .

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