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June 16, 2010     [ note from Julie Marinko Plunk via Barb Lezotte John Mackowski]

Hi everyone...I got a call from Barb Lezotte this past week end. John Mackowski is not doing too good. He called Barb and told her his doctor gave him six months to live. I called him today and he is in the hospital and in alot of pain. He thinks he will be going home tomorrow. I told him I would let you guys know. He does not have internet access.

Please give him a call in a couple of days and/or send him a card. And of course, keep him in your prayers.

Look forward to seeing you guys AND John Mackowski at next summer's all school reunion.

Julie Marinko Plunk

UPDATE: Paula/Leyten/McCahill wrote last night: Bo and I just heard from John Mackowski's family this evening and he is not doing well. He is not responsive at this time. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

John is suffering from pancreatic cancer, diagnosed February 25, 2010. He started chemo and was taking experimental drugs. A few weeks ago Bo called me and said he had to stop chemo because of a low white cell count, but was continuing the other medication. He died August 2, 2010.
John Schneider 8/1/10

August 24, 2006     [ provided by Debbie Troyer-Stone through Nancy Speir re: update on Ken Trusedale]

Once again, sadly I need to share some information......I received this news from Virgil........ I would like if at all possible anyone wanting to go in possibly for flowers etc for them to let me know, maybe as a group we can do something nice for the family.......or of course if you wish to do something on your own that is great too! Please get in touch with me ASAP!
To all of our friends and people who knew Mr. Kenneth B. Truesdell. Kenneth passed away this morning at 8:12 in Louisville Kentucky with his dear wife Patricia and his three children at his bedside. Ken had suffered from complications and infections from colon cancer since the spring of 2005. Visitation will be on Saturday August 26, 2006 from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. At 7 p.m. a service will be held for Ken.
Stoess Funeral Home
6534 West Highway 22
Crestwood, Kentucky 40014
If you wish to send Patricia Truesdell a note or card, her address is:
Mrs. Patricia Truesdell
7602 Willow Bend Dr.
Crestwood, Kentucky 40014
Please say a prayer for Ken and for Patricia, they had to endure his several surgeries and heart bypass surgery during the past 18 months. Thank you for your prayers.
Regards, Virgil Kirila

January 6, 2006     [ provided by Debbie Troyer-Stone through Nancy Speir re: update on Ken Trusedale]

I received these emails & update from Virgil last night.........they did Ken's surgery yesterday instead of today!! Keep the prayers a coming!!! I did email him back asking again for the hospital info where Ken is, would be great if we sent cards!! Letting them know we all are thinking, pulling and praying for them!
1/5/2006 9:58:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Deb, Thanks for passing the word around and I am so glad that you put him in your prayers and network. Kenny had two intestinal problems in 2005 and then a double bypass. He was dedicated to keeping his health up and staying positive about his situation knowing that he had to face this major operation in D.C.. I am forwarding both Ken's and Bill Sawchuk's email address. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is a ministry in its own sense along with being a great friend from the past. We are all better off having known you in our life than words can express. In fact you are one of those angels that god has sent to keep an eye on us in this world and again we are all better off than you will ever know for your efforts.
My whole heart felt thanks, Love Virgil
1/5/2006 10:21:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Deb, I just spoke with Robbie, Kenny's son and the operation was today. They had to remove part of his intestines and colon and he now has to have a colostomy. He is still going to have chemo therapy once he becomes strong enough. Robbie says he will be in Intensive Care for the next 4-7 days and then up to 21 days in the step down unit. Kenny is going to need our prayers through this ordeal and please lets not forget Patty. Robbie says she is totally exhausted but yet has to be strong for Kenny. I am enroute to Phoenix tommorrow for a Civil Service Exam and will not be back until Jan. 11, 2006. Thank you for keeping Ken and Pat in your heart and prayers and God bless you and your family. I pray that 2006 has got to be better for us than last year.
Love Virgil

January 5, 2006     [ provided by Debbie Troyer-Stone through Nancy Speir ]

I received news today from Virg Kirila that Ken Trusedale (Class of 71) is in Washington DC for a serious cancer related operation on his intestines. This surgery is taking place tomorrow Jan 6th........
We all need to keep Ken in our thoughts and prayers through this whole ordeal.........and his wife Patty (Smith also class of 71) and family! Virgil also told me that Bill Sawchuck lives in the area and practices out of the hospital where Ken is having his surgery, and has promised Virg he will look in on Ken.......
We all know the power of positive thinking and prayer, so let us all pull together and send many positive thoughts and prayers their way!
I will keep you all updated as I hear from Virgil!

January 7, 2005     [ provided by Debbie Troyer Stone through Julie Marinko Plunk ]

Darsi Blevins, daughter of Al Stone, is hospitalized in Watuaga with very severe burns from a car accident. Please keep Darsi and her family in your prayers. She is married with two sons.

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