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1980_10yr-3a.jpg, 67551 bytes, 7/20/03
Depending on when whom was standing on which step, the individuals in the above picture are:
Seventh Step: Julie Marinko Plunk (disappeared!) and Mike Bratcher up top
Sixth Step: Mike (Bo) McCahill, Brenda Klink, Dan Weiss, Kathy Pawelek
Fifth Step: Kathy Cullen, Roseann Polovino, Diane Zelinka (turning to left), Mary Auty, Deane Hickens Kathy Kehoe
Fourth Step: Paula Leyten, Terry Ackerman, and far left - Rita Bur
Third Step: Dan Perkovich, John Mackowski, Debbie York, Virginia Koivunen, Rita Bur, Barb Lezotte (protesting)
Second Step: John Neph, Sr. Florida
Bottom Step: David Brzezinski