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ADD Therapy:   Dr. Mrs. Much
Alternative Software Engineer:   Anne Droid
Army Recruiter:   Sally Port
Attendance Monitor:   Julie Verlee
Bail Bondsman:   Anna Terny
Behaviorist:   Dee Corum
Biblical Studies:   Herman Newdix
Bureau of Standards and Precision:   Lucy Goosy
Cardiologist, On-Call:   Anne Jynah
CFO:   Bill Yanaire
Chefs:   Juan Smeggs, & Amber Gerr
Child Care Director:   Patty Cake
Child Psychiatry Director:   Rita Linn
Choir Director:   Carole Ling
Confectioner:   Goode N. Pawlenty
Conflict Resolution Mgr.:   Al Terkashun
Contingency Coordinator:   Justin Case
Choreographer:   Dan Sing
Cosmetics Consultant:   Bud Tugly
Director of Charities:   Little Miss Givings
Fashion Director:   Cord O'Roy
Fine Arts Instructor:   R. Twerk
Futures Executive:   Claire Voyant
Gym Teacher:   Cal Stenicks
Import/Export Officer:   Creighton Barrol
Life Coach:   Will Power
Maritime Instructor:   Shivermi Timbers
Math Teacher:   Aladdin Subtraque
Music Director:   Mel O. Deah
Musicology Prof.:   Kari Oakie
Pastor/Shepard:   Father Fromee
Philosophy Prof.:   Phil O. Sofikle
Professor, Classical Literature:   Warren Peece
Professor, Humor:   Joe King
Professor, Romance Literature:   Andy Quistmee
Resident Nurse:   Paul Bearer
School Resource Officer   Misty Meener
Security Director:   M. T. Pockettes
Security Supervisor:   Anne Arkey
Shipping Manager:   Bill Sender
Test/Quiz Grader:   Sister Wrightwun
Vacation Planner:   Sandy Beeches
Vacation Specialist:   Rip Cords
Vocal Coach:   Adam Zapple

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