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7th Grade

Class of 1976 - 1977

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Maryann/Zajac/Hall just wrote in to say, "I am sending you a photograph of my 7th grade classmates from 1977. I attended St. Norbert's from 1972-1977."
I have fond memories of those days and will never forget the great times I had attending St. Norbert's."

Maryann graduated from Bentley High School in Livonia. She attended St. Norbert's from 1972-1977. She said "unfortunately my family moved in 1977 to Livonia and I was not able to attend the last grade (8th) there at St. Norberts."

If anyone recognizes more faces in this class picture please let us know. Write to <>.

Click on this photo to see larger image and the names Maryann remembers.

7th Grade, Class of 1977

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