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The Jim Sonnenberg Collection

John Hill Junior High Yearbooks, 1971 & 1972

Jim Sonnenberg, 1972

Jim Sonnenberg recently found this web site and wrote in. He went to St. Norberts from 1965-1972, but his family moved to Canton, Michigan because the St. Norbert's High School had closed. He found a couple of old yearbooks from his days at John Hill Junior High School and submitted them to us.

It was decided to display their contents in their entirety. Jim mentioned that from the 1971 book the St. Norbert's Shared Time students were shown in sections 7-12 and 13, as well as in sections 8-13 and 14. And in the 1972 yearbook they were in sections 7-14 and 8-13. But there indeed may be more Shared Time students pictured in these pages.

So for the sake of inclusion, instead of only showing a selection, herein are all the pages with all the class sections, so you can review them and see if there are other St. Norbert students shown.





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