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Jeri Remembers Roseann Polovino

Here is quite a funny story about Roseann Polivino & me. Roseann and I used to hang around quite a bit back in the day. We lived only 4 houses apart in Inkster on Oakland Drive. At this time, we only had our try and picture this......Roseann would call me or come and ask if I could come outside, (remember when us kids used to ask if our friends could come outside and play?), well, she already had plans in mind for the two of us. She would wear certain shirts and ask me to wear a similar shirt, that showed our chests! We would go down to Inkster Library and stuff our bras so the guys would notice us! We didnt even have chests back then! We would either stop at the Inkster Library or the Inkster Police station to do this. Then after the "stuffing", we would ride our bikes all over, and hope and pray that a "guy" would beep his horn or wave at us. Such flirts we were. (And , maybe still are?)

Roseann used to have a few parties back then too, down in her basement. Ohhhhhhh, I loved those parties! Everyone was older than I was, maybe a year or 2 older, and she would throw these terrific parties. Motown all the way! Oh yeah! Smokey Robinson was my favorite. (all the guys came that "beeped" at us when we were "stuffed"! lol. Nahhhhh, just kidding about that part. I do believe, however, there were more guys there than girls! Weeeeeeee! And talk about make-out scenes! Woo hoo! Lots of that was going on too! Thank God, Mom never found out!

Well, that was just one of my special memories of the past....Im sure I will think of more soon enough! ;o) (please dont hate me for this Roseann!)

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