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Here are some donations from Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt. She writes "I graduated in 1971. Went shared time with Cherry Hill & St. Norbert, until we graduated a year early, because of the school closing. I should have graduated in 1972, but Sr. Barbara Mary made it possible for the class to graduate in 1971.

"If and when I come across more photos, I will surely send them."

Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt

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Jeri Schiffer - photos
3 years old in 1957
Jeri Schiffer - photos
in 1973
Short Stories


Jeri's difficult year -- 2/5/07 -- I havent been in good health at all since march of 2006 and would love to hear from my old friends & classmates. Email me at <>

I had a terrible year with my health last year, including a stroke and several knee surgeries, starting with a knee replacement, which went bad. This year I will be having my 5th knee surgery, and I'm not looking forward to it. It has been a very lonely year, and I have been counting on emails to get me through this rough time. I had a stroke due to a blood clot from my knee replacement surgery, and have been in very poor health. I almost died twice last year, but for the grace of God, I made it through. I was hospitalized too many times to count in 2006. As it is right now, they may have to take out the knee they put in, and replace it once again. So, if our classmates at SNS would please be kind and send me some emails, that would be great. I wish I was in some class pictures, so they would remember me, but I don't think I am.



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