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John Schneider <>
Savannah, GA USA
- Tuesday, May 02, 2023 at 20:32:49 (EDT)
The Guestbook form to add entries is back and hopefully will block all the vile Spam it has been getting. All you Alumni can write and tell us how you are doing these days!
John Schneider <>
- Friday, March 03, 2023 at 11:01:52 (EST)
Saw a post by Craig Baugher on the Cherry Hill Facebook page that Matt Pozdal is in liver failure and requests prayer for him. See the link above for the post.
John Schneider <>
SAVANNAH, GA US - Wednesday, October 05, 2022 12:11 AM

Update Sep 27 2022: Kathy Foley Schemers confirms that Sr. Bobola is "living in Adrian MI either at the mother house or near it. I have not seen her in quite some time but Mary, Maureen and Rene? went to a celebration for her years as a religious." Good news! And here is a brief history of Sr. Bobola.

A shoutout to Kathy Foley Schemers and her sister Mary: I just recently re-read the article about Sr. Bobola's 50th Jubilee celebration which was back in 2009! and wondered how she is doing, if she is still around. Looks like my email to Kathy didn't go through, she must have changed it. So if anyone knows how Sr. Bobola is doing let me know so I can post an update.

Thanks very much! [ Oh, I noticed the Guestbook sign in wasn't working - many apologies!! - I corrected it. ]
John Schneider <John Schneider>
Savannah, GA USA - Sat Sep 17, 2022 6:00 AM

What a delight to find this page and to see that the administrator/creator is Greg Schneider. I have fond memories of Greg! [ Webmaster's Note: not Greg but Greg's older brother John, class of 1970. 8^) ] My name when I went to St. Norberts was Cyndy Jones and I lived on Woodland Drive. I am findng at this point in my life I love reconnecting and have been able to do some of that. Best Wishes to all of the St. Nortberts Alumni.
Cyndy Jones <>
Manistee, MI USA - Sun Apr 25 1:00 2021
I want to announce that my brother Thomas (Tommy) Graf passed away Feb. 24th
Mark Thomas Graf <>
Canton, Michigan USA - Thu Mar 11 1:16:42 2021
This had been posted on a group website of former AT&T employees -- Chuck Wehrle was an alumni of St. Norbert's class of 1962. Announcement of his passing from COVID19 -- RIP (link here)
Ed West <>
INKSTER, MI United States - Sat Jul 11, 2020 5:18 AM
Hello all, i remember you all! Paulette's last name is spelled "Zaryczny". And I am Jeannette (Jeannie) Lovelace. Paulette and I became close during high school at St. Mary's in Wayne. Camille, i have looked on-line for you, wondering where your life took you. And Sue Reyes. And others. Where do you live now. I was in Phila for decades, but moved back to Mich some months ago.
Jeannette (Jeannie) Lovelace <>
jeannie lovelace, mi USA - Sat, Aug 18, 2018 12:31 AM
lived on woodland dr, went to norberts from 3rd to 8th. no HS then, went to DC [Divine Child, ed.]. Graduated in 66. Brother Carl went there too
skip wehrle <>
rotonda west, fl USA - Mon, May 30, 2016 8:09 PM
Serious Blast from the Past. Went to St. Norberts from 66 to 70 (8th to 11th grades). Due to financial issues did not get to go to 12th grade and finish. Ended up in Marines in 71. Still remember to daily marches back and forth for us share timers with Cherry Hill. Used to be good friends with Nancy Loftis (same class). Also that we had a real "four room school house" for High School. Good memories.
Bob London <>
Macomb, MI USA - Thu, Nov 12, 2015 1:59 PM
Came across this site, sure brings back a lot of memories. It's amazing that so many years have passed, yet much of it seems like yesterday.
Mike Hickens <>
Gaylord, MI USA - Thu, Sep 17, 2015 1:02 PM
sandra mchale <>
tennessee Sunday, August 09, 2015 7:56 PM
Just found out about the website. I left the school in 1963. I wonder if I can find more of my class out there

Michael Daksiewicz <>
ypsilanti , mi. USA - Tue, May 5, 2015 6:15 PM
Well, I just happened on to the CHHS alumni website, and I am practically in tears when I seen that more of us had passed away. Chuck Volland, and now as I am looking on this site the last entry was from my high school sweetheart Kathy Foley Schemers who had entered that Tom Flavin had passed sad right now. Anyway, I hope everyone else is living life to the fullest taking advantage of what God has given us all to enjoy in our lives. While I was in New Zealand last february fly fishing, one hour after I had arrived in Auckland, I was informed my mother had passed away who was 87. Needless to say it was tough all the way around having to deal with that half way across the world, not being able to be there for her. Got an immediate flight back to Orlando and was able to be a very special part of her funeral. My dad is still alive who is now 88 and having his own health issues. I have been in Istanbul on business for this past week, and I thought everything was ok with himeuntil I got back last night. He had fallen pretty hard and is now recovering. And thank God, he did not break any bones. Like my dad continues to say.....whatever happened to the "golden years"?
Anyway, would like to hear from anyone about anything.

Take Care,
Leon Grobaski

google+ (mbi777)
LinkedIn (

Leon Grobaski <>
Orlando, Fl USA - Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:55 PM
Just a sad note to let all my St. Norbert friends know Tom Flavin died on Monday, July 21st. Don't have any details on his passing, but he was a great Sherbourne neighbor and friend all my life. He will be missed by his family and friends.
Kathy Foley Schemers <>
Waterford, MI USA - Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:13 AM
Hi Dave, you guessed it, same ol' John Schneider. Still enjoying the Beatles - I just copied the Beatles '65 from vinyl to CD from the record my brother gave me. I remember instead of getting my Dad a birthday gift when I was about 12 years old I went out and spent my money on a few Beatles magazines! Pretty selfish Beatles lovin' little kid, eh! 8^)

I'd never forget that name David Rayburn though, I hope the years have treated you well!
I used to have a St. Norbert forum on this site but it didn't get any use. We all have our busy, hectic lives these days plus there are other social media foramts that work better anyway. There is a Facebook page for St. Norberts, though.
John Schneider <>
Savannah, GA USA - Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:56 pm
I discovered this "blast from the past" website while surfing the net. I attended St. Norbert's from 1st grade thru 6th before moving to Livonia in 1964. I recognized the name of John Schneider as webmaster. If it's who I think it is he was the biggest Beatles fan when the British Invasion hit the US. I'd sure like to get in touch with some former classmates!

Dave Rayburn
Livonia, MI USA - Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:19 pm

Dear Everybody!

A small group of us had a wonderful time at Karen Mida and Bills' "super fun party house" last night. It was a lovely evening filled with lively conversation, laughs, Bobbies' chocolate covered strawberries, Karen's famous sloppy joes and I quote "better than sex cake"!

For me personally, I feel that our reunions are a connection and a reaffirmation that we are bonded for life. I suppose I yearn to place the events of our St Norbert childhood into a larger, more meaningful context.

As usual the discussion came up about ways to reconnect again and with more people in attendance. I welcome suggestions, dates, ideas, whatever. Paul still wants to hire a band and have a blow-out!! I mean come on people let's dance !!!

Love and friendship,
Toni Auletti <>
Dexter , Mi USA - Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:20 PM
To see the list of CHHS/SNS alumni that have already prepaid for the all school reunion, go to Look forward to seeing everyone!
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
USA - Sun May 4 6:32:57 2014
I rec'd the invite to John's Good Time Bar. I remember it as the Yankee Clipper. We would order hamburgers and my dad would pick up. They also sponsored my baseball team in 1974. Rick Yankee our coach was told we can't use the bar name on the jersey and Yankees was already taken. We could be the dodgers. Coach got mid 60's double-knit uniforms that a friend had in storage. Coach was then told dodgers was now taken. He handed out uniforms with extra blue fabric. The fabric was used by moms to change the D into a B and the O into an A. Thus, we were now the Badgers. Of course moms had varying degrees of sewing skills and no 2 jerseys looked the same. My two Yankee Clipper stories.

Hope to get by on the 3rd.
John Paris <>
Westminster, MD USA - Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:58 PM
Hello Everyone!

It's me, Toni Auletti, your old pal and fellow St. Norbert Alumni!!
We are planning a get-together next month in Inkster.
Please plan on stopping by, hopefully it's a fun way to keep in touch.
Rumor has it that a few parents may attend, Mrs. McCarty (Julie, Tim, Maria & Chrissy's mom) and Judy's dad Mr. McMann!

"Blast From the Past" semi-spontaneous gathering of people sharing laughs and cheer. Bring it on! Bring family!

Saturday, May 3, 2014 4pm

Jon's Goodtime Bar and Grill
27553 Cherry Hill Road
Inkster, Michigan 48141

Please pass this along to anyone who attended St, Norbert 1969-1977!!
Guest List to include but not limited to:
me xoxo
Judy (McMann) Robisch
Patty (Paris) Simigan
John Kaltz
Paul Pilat
Julie (Julianne McCarty) Spencer
Mark Weiss (Julieanne, please forward)
Greg Burton
LeRoy Barber
Bob Gronziak
Vicky (Rodriguez) Bruner
Karen Skszek-Mida (please bring Bill)
Renee (Redoutey) Percin (please forward to your sister Barb!)
Randy Nickert
Robert Koscielecki
Danny Cremen
Ann MArie Miruzzi
Margaret Kaltz Schwab (please tell Denise)
Julie Ann Lackey
Karen Hickens-Moomaw
Tim McCarty
Barbara Zahn
Julie Ann Lackey
Christine (Chrissy McCarty) Mass
Cheryl Hoge Bratcher
Sylvia Brothers
Maria McCarty Collins
Jimmy O'Hara
Desi Reno
Duncan Reno
Jimmy Toth
Mary (Tscherne) Bennett
Larry Toth
Nancy Perkovich
Becky Rodriguez
Virginia (Koloian) Vartanian

We are still looking for lost peeps from the past!!
Please forward this along if you can, copy to me, we need the big list going !!

Mrs. Madeja
Mr. Flint
Rich Boehm
Dave Zmudczynski
John Healy
Tom Sonnenburg
Jim Sonnenberg
Shirley (Pompa) Scherf
Tom Scherf
Phil Flavin
Michelle Michalik

-Sincerely, with love-
Toni Auletti

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."
T.S. Elliot

Toni Auletti <>
Dexter, MI USA - Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:59 AM
Thanks for enjoying the site and for the names, John "Jay" Reyes. I added them to the class picture you mention. This is one of the pictures my classmate, David Brzezinski sent in. It is from class years 1963 - 1964, the year of my older brother Jim. So the portrait circled in the top row would be David's older brother, so that would be Steven Brzezinski. And #7 in Row 3 is Tom Redoutey, a good friend of my brother's.

If you have any other memorabilia or even some stories for the journal pages let me know so I can publish them.

Many Regards!
John Schneider <>
Savannah, GA USA - Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:20 PM
Grade 8 graduation picture:
Row 1: #3 Paula Mayernick, #4 Steve, #5 Jerry Ostrosky, #6 Jim Wells, #8 Jim W, #9 John Madigan, #10 Kerri Beard.
Row 2: # Tom Sowa, #3 Candice LaLand?, #4 Linda Cooly.
Row 3: #3 Bernard Foley, #5 Robert Buddy Gorman, #6 Gary ?, #7 Tom R, #8 Lynn Centowski, #9 Christine Corbin.
Row 4: #1 Cathy Vagi, #2 Fran Docsavage, #3 Maureen ?, #6 Diane Koss, #7 Craig Suba, #8 Gerry ?, Tom ?.
Row 5: # Jerry Klink, #2 Roger Craig, #3 Tom Wade, #4 Jay Reyes, #6 Janet York
Jay Reyes <>
Brownsburg, In USA - Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:23 PM
Found this site by accident. Glad I did! Lots of great memories from Inkster and St. Norbert's.
John "Jay" Reyes <>
Brownsburg, In USA - Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:59 PM
SAVE THE DATE - Saturday, July 26, 2014 - CHHS/SNS all school reunion! Hope to see everyone then!
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Mon Sep 2, 2013 4:05 PM
Hi everyone I attented St. Norberts school thru 7th grade
I then went to Cherry Hill. I graduated class of 1966.
I reconize many of your names here & tried to match them with several class pictures of grade school day at St. Norberts. Hope to keep in touch.
Elaine Cebula (Kawula) <>
New Boston, MI USA - Tue Mar 5, 2013 9:23PM
I forgot to say HI to Sharon Totske. My family lived on Lucerne in Inkster, the street behind you. We had a large family of 8, I was the only girl. Back then alot of the neighborhood had lots of kids. (Hotchkins, Cooks, Schneiders, Mayers) You would have been in my brother, Mike's class until the 4th grade. Do you remember us?
Susan Schneider Pettit <>
Canton, MI USA - Thu Nov 8, 2012 11:42 PM
Hi, just stumbled on this website today and really enjoyed hearing and seeing all the memories of St. Norbert School. You all have fantastic memories, which indeed refreshed mine as well. I attended 1958-1963. I can help identify some of Sharon Totske's Collection: St. Norbert Grade 2 1959-60 Class Picture correction 6-4 is my brother, Michael Schneider. Sister Marie Imelda, 5th Grade, Room 5
1,6 Daniel Dubiel
1,8 William Bunio
2,7 Susan Schneider
2,8 Julie Zielinski
3,8 Donald Schneider
4,4 Geraldine Perkovich
5,1 Brian Taylor
Susan Schneider Pettit <>
Canton, MI USA - Thu Nov 8, 2012 11:11 PM
What ever happened to the "Charter Class" that graduated the 8th grade in 1961? I know how to contact the ones that went to CHHS, but little from the rest. I realize we are the oldest, but not the 'deadest'. Please help me wake them. The 1960 seventh grade picture is nice; We were much cooler the next year. All my keepsakes were destroyed in a fire when I was in the Air Force so I can't submit more than memories.
Doug Goebel <>
East Tawas, MI USA - Wed Oct 3, 2012 4:33 pm
Cathy Vagi Flavin writes:

Hello Class of '68
Cherry Hill High School, Class of 1968 is having a 45th Reunion Western Caribbean Cruise via Hello Class of '68 CCHS Class of '68 is having a 45th Reunion Western Caribbean Cruise via Norwegian Cruise Line leaving Tampa, FL on Feb 24, 2013 & returning March 3.
Four ports over 7 days. Doesn't matter if you went to CHHS for high school, if you're interested please contact Cathy Vagi Flavin: <> and pass the info to friends and relatives!!

John Schneider <>
Savannah, GA USA - Thu May 17, 2012 4:48 pm
I think I can ID a few faces from the class photos from Chris Bielak Lamar collection.
6th grade 1963-1964
4,5 Laura Filip (I had a crush on her AND hit her brother in the ribs with a pitch in Little league)
(The 5th row is a little out of order)
Here is what I recall:
5,1 Linda Rynkowski
5,2 Laureen Gorman
5,3 Judy Hoffman
5,4 Christine Barnes
5,5 Kimberly Whing
5,6 Cheryl Siemienak
5,7 Karen Kent
5,8 Debby Higgins
I think I got these names right.
Many thanks
Steven White SNS class of 1966
Steven White <>
Plymouth, MI USA - Fri May 4, 2012 8:33am
I was a student at St. Norbert's High School, class of 1973. Currently located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working as a business consultant and Certified Fraud Examiner.
Mary L. (Zoltowski) Hinkle <>
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:55 pm
Phil Flavin reports the death of Father John Cusmono.

The Obit reads: FATHER JOHN C. CUSMANO, Age 73. Beloved son of the late Christopher and the late Rose Cusmano. Dearest brother of Nina (Joseph) Majetic. Dear uncle of Christina and Joey. Loving great uncle of Nina. Visitation Tuesday 2-9 pm at Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc. (Shelby Twp.), 54880 Van Dyke at 25 Mile Road. Scripture Service Tuesday 7:30 p.m. In state Wednesday 12:30 p.m. until 1:00 p.m. time of Mass at St. John Vianney Church, 54045 Schoenherr (between 24 & 25 Mile). Interment: Resurrection Cemetery. Memorials to Capuchins appreciated. Share memories with the family at their "On-Line Guest Book" at
John Schneider <>
Monday, October 31, 2011
Looking for the following Class of '70 alumni:

Linda Baruzzini, Tom Cotter, Gerald Czaja, Donna Durkee, John Flavin, Cathy Kehoe, Virginia "Sue" Koivunen, Bob Kozma, Frank Luckas, Kathy McMahan, Dale Moore, John Orlich, Kathy Pawelek, Mark Proben, Ed Rice, John Rodriguez, Linda Rynkowski, Sharon Schmitt, Larry Schwab, Cheryl Siemieniak, Marty Wiebelhaus, Debbie York.

Trying to find you guys to give you info on the CHHS All School Reunion to be held on the Cherry Hill school grounds July 30, 2011. We do this every three years and it would be great to see you there. For reunion info, alumni updates, etc. please register at We also have a page on Facebook with reunion stuff. Hope to see everyone then!
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 6:25 PM
Wow! Memories, from the past! Glad to see SNS on-line and view past memories. I attended SNS from Sept. 1956 through June 1962, from 2nd grade to 7th grade. Our family had to leave due the increase in tuition. I will always remember the memories I have of these year, especially the iron hand of our famous principle Sister Claire Cecil. I'll never forget how everyone feared her! Some names I will never forget as Priests and Teachers: Father Graven, Father Kinsell, Sister John Christine (my favorite), Sister Mary Edda, Mrs. Lewis, who was always on crutches, did a fabulous job among her obstacles, and Mr. Clement my last teacher there. Many of my classmates names are still clear as when I attended many years ago, and I often wonder where they are now! I am now 62 still working and live on the coast of CA near San Francisco in Pacifica. Hope all of my former classmates and everyone whom may have attended SNS are in good health today. Good Luck and may God keep you protected!
James Rodriguez <>
Pacifica, CA USA - Saturday, April 02, 2011, 9:01 PM
There is FINALLY a "save the date" for the Cherry Hill (St. Norbert) all school reunion - Saturday, July 30, 2011. More info will be forthcoming so be SURE you are registered at and that all info is updated and correct. Check back here, at or on Facebook for location, time, cost, etc. Hope to see everyone there!!!!!
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Thursady, March 10, 2011, 7:59 AM
Hi folks
Great to see all of the old photos and memories from st Norberts. Its been a long time. I saw cathy garcia a couple of years ago at the Cherry hill reunion and she mentioned the website. My sister diana just sent me the link. Its good seeing those old photos of old friends i've lost track of like jim O'donnell, mike daly Ron Lackey and others. It was also good seeing and remembering my good friend joe servantez, who died in Vietnam in about 1967. We were all pall bearers for joe and his dad never really recovered.
Anyway let me know if there is a reunion sometime, as I get back to the states pretty much every year now and iwll be easing off of work in another 2 years so will be there staying at our place we built on Lake medora.
Thanks heaps
tom forsell
tom forsell <>
melbourne, victoria Australia - Wednesday February 9, 2011, 7:31 AM
Be sure you are registered at for updates on the CHHS all school reunion this summer! Hope to see everyone then.
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Friday, January 28, 2011, 6:10 PM
"Blast from the Past" Confirmed guests:
Karen and Bill Mida
Julianne (McCarty) Spencer
Vicky (Rodriguez) Bruner
Toni Auletti
Mariem (Auletti) Gray
Toni Auletti <>
Dexter, MI USA - Sunday, Dec 5, 2010, 6:48 PM
Wow, Great Website! Truly a Blast from the Past. I attended St Norberts 1st through 8th grade(1963-1970). My sister Pam Neph (Peter) and my brother John and Rob Neph also attended St Norberts. Since there wasn't a St Norbert High School anymore I attended Our Lady Of Mercy High School in Farmington (class of 1975).

I have spent hours looking at the pictures and remembering all the names of my old classmates and friends. Dori Koss (Polack) my best friend, Mary Jo Perkovich (neighbor and friend), the O'Hagen twins, Kathy Guiss, Patty Baily, Carol McMahan, Ellen Flaven, Cheryl Funke (I went all through school with and then worked with at (Kresge) the dime store in Cherry Hill Plaza, we also took a dance class together), Marsha Cornelius (remember Drivers Ed... you thought you were so funny and you were). And so many more.....

Also my brother Johns' friends, Dale Moore (remember when you were just a piglet and you took me driving while I had my permit and taught me how to hug the corners, lol), John and Danny Perkovich and John Schneider (our neighbors down the hill), John and Sally Mackowski, Debbie McGreger (I used to babysit for you and Dale), Jim Peter and so many more.

I married my husband Dan 30 years ago (1980). We have 4 children, Daniel (29), Rich (27), Dave (25) and Kate (22). One grandchild Haley age 3. And another grandchild on the way. My sister, Pam Neph (Peter) and my mother, Jane Neph are still here in MI not far from our hometown in Inkster. My brothers and my father died. Rob died in 1992 and John died in 1993. Our dad died in 1998. They are missed by many.

Thank you for the opportunity to visit and leave my post. If any of my old friends want to contact me I am on facebook. God Bless.
Kitty Neph (Fauls) <>
Ypsilanti, MI USA - Thursday, Oct 28, 2010, 2:03 AM
Maureen O'Hagan, a member of the SNHS graduating class of 1971 1/2 (1972) passed away on October 3, 2010. She will be missed by all of those who knew her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
Les Marinko <>
USA - Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 9:41 AM
I wanted to share a few memories about my classmate, Tom Rodzik who passed away on July 31, 2010. I had known Tom since the first grade at St. Norberts and we were classmates at Cherry Hill HS (1970). We played football and were members of the track team. I used to see him at the 7:30 Mass at St. Kenneth, and afterward we would always talk in the church parking lot about school memories and friends we both knew. Now that he is gone I feel a certain emptiness but I have memories of his funny stories and our bus rides together to track meets. His faith was an example for all of us to follow. My heartfelt condolences to his wife, Liz and his children.
Rest in Peace, Tom

Steven White, class of 1966 <>
USA - Thuesday, August 26, 2010 1:55 PM

Robert O'Mara passed away a couple of weeks ago. He graduated from SNS in 1965. He also had a couple of younger brothers that attended the grade school. Here is his obituary from

O'MARA, ROBERT H., JR.; age 59; of Brownstown; July 26, 2010. Beloved husband of Sally; loving son of Robert Sr., and Rose O'Mara; dearest brother of Michael (Vickie) O'Mara, Timothy (Karen) O'Mara, and Edward (Holly) O'Mara. Service was Friday, 11:30 a.m. at Michigan Memorial Funeral Home, (next to Michigan Memorial Park), 30895 Huron River Dr., Huron Twp., 734- 783-2646. Visitation was Wednesday, 6 to 9 p.m. and Thursday, 12 to 9 p.m. Entombment in Michigan Memorial Park. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Diabetes Association or the American Heart Association.

Les Marinko <>
USA - Wed Aug 11 10:17:22 2010
By now, some of you may have known that John Mackowski (class of 70) has been terminally ill. John passed away on August 2. Visitation is Wednesday, August 4,10am-9pm at Vermeulen Funeral Home 980 N. Newburgh Rd. Westland. John will lie in state Thursday 9am to 10pm. Funeral Mass at S.S. Simon and Jude Church 32500 Palmer Rd. in Westland. John was a great guy and will be dearly missed. Please keep him and the family in your prayers.
Roseann Polovino Gomez <>
Dbn. Hgts., MI USA - Wed Aug 4, 2010 6:37 pm
According to, a CHHS all school reunion will be held in the summer of 2011. Please make sure you have registered on the site and remember to keep your info updated! Hope to see all SNS and CHHS alumni in Inkster next year!
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:19 am
My band, the Six Foot Poles, are kicking off our Summer with a big show in Saline this Friday. Friday, June 18, 2010 Saline Summer Music Series Downtown Concert S. Ann Arbor Street between Michigan Ave. and Henry St. Saline, Michigan 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Free! Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the street scene in downtown Saline We also have lots of other shows this Summer, including a charity car show in Westland June 28 and the Michigan Avenue Cruise in July. Check them out on our web site: I would appreciate any help you could offer in informing alumni about the shows. Thanks, David Brzezinski (the guitar player)
David Brzezinski <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:15 pm
All right, Class of 1970 - you know what next year is! Any thoughts on a reunion??????
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:09 pm
The year of my class (originally 1972 later 1971 1/2) always corresponded to the year we finished. i.e. 4th grade for my class ended in 1964. There was at least one of your class that was also wrong. The pictures that I am speaking had the class year and the calendar year present on the pictures.

Les <>
USA - Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:12 pm
Great job listing the class pictures, but some of the years are wrong among the class pictures.
Les Marinko <>
USA - Wed Nov 11 11:20:26 2009

[let me know which ones and I'll correct them. Thanks! JJS]

This is a great site. I never expected to find an alumni website for St. Norbert. I attended St. Norbert from 78-81.

I found the site because I'm looking for information on Mrs. Gubert. She was the 6th grade teacher. I had a dream about her a couple of nights ago and thought I'd try to find her to let her know what a great teacher she was/is and that she meant a lot to me. I don't even know her first name. Does anyone know Mrs. Gubert or have any information about her? If so, please send me an email at

Thanks to everyone contributing to this site. I can't wait to tell my sisters about it.

In peace,
DoVeanna S. Fulton Minor <>
Tuscaloosa , AL USA - Thu Sep 3, 2009 10:03 AM
Daryl Hinaris, a member of the SNHS Class of 1971 1/2 passed away on Monday, June 22, 2009. No formal service will be held.

Frank Ortiz and myself are planning a gathering of any former classmates of St. Norbert, CHHS, Robichaud, and others from the area to meet during the Michigan Avenue Cruise on Saturday, July 11, 2009.

The plan is several fold. First is to hold a small remembrance for Daryl. Also, we will be there to help support the Six Foot Poles. This is the Brzezinski Brothers Band who performed during the St. Norbert All School Reunion a few years ago. They will be performing at the Red Apple in Wayne from 3-6 PM. Lastly, it will give us all a chance to see some former classmates and friends.

The Cruise has a lot of other activities planned including a performance by former lead singer from Salem Witchcraft, Arlen. He will be performing at the Dearborn Elks. This was Daryl's favorite bar band back in the day. Also, the Inkster Jazz Fest will be held that day with Alexander Zonjic performing.

Everyone is invited. These are free events. We may meet at a central location in the area along Michigan Avenue. Please contact me on any questions at 248-835-9444.

Hope to see you there.

Les Marinko, Class of 1971 ½ <>
Taylor, MI USA - Thu June 25, 2009 1:45pm
Hello to all former classmates and neighbors of St. Norbert!

Great website!! Especially remember N. Speir and D. McGregor as old friends and neighbors, and enjoyed the opportunity to connect here after leaving Inkster around 1963!!

Would love to hear from them or anyone else interested in further communication. My, it IS a small world after all!!!

LOL, Susan (Holdinski) Rodriguez
detroit, mi USA - Thu May 14, 2009 2:17pm
We've moved to a new host with a LOT more space to put content! I'm looking forward to much more pictures, stories and everything on our web site, so help us out and send in your old pictures or yearbooks or stories, anything you might have that we can all smile at and remember the days when life was simple and easy!! See the Submission page for information on how you can contribute content.
John Schneider <>
Savannah, GA USA - Thu Feb 5, 2009
I like your layout. Hook me up with your web guy. My site is

damien <>
detroit, mi USA - Wed Nov 5, 2008 9:20pm
Excellent web site !!!! Great to see old photo's !!!!!
John Consiglio <>
Plymouth, Michigan USA - Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:23pm
Great job guys. I haven't thought this much about the old neighborhood in years. Started at St. Norberts in 1962 and we moved after I completed the 8th grade in 1970. Thanks to all who have made this web site a good one. I might have an old photo of Sister Florida somewhere if some is interested in a copy let me know. That was a nice story about her. She really loved us kids, some of us in extreme ways haha! She had a way of holding on to your earlobe that held your attention. She was wonderful!
Thank you Greg (Schneider) for your photo album. It really was great playing in that park, the flats. Guess its all different now but with only 3 channels on TV not including Channel 9 and 50 if your tv had those weird UHF channels, you spent alot of time playing outside. Lived in Texas since 1986 after 10 years in the Army, and I work at Baylor University Medical Center as a RN in surgery. Two grown daughters and an 8 year old granddaughter; time is catching up with all of us now. Thanks Again
John Danforth <>
Forney, Tx USA - Wed Jul 2, 2008 10:03pm
WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE. Nice seeing class pictures.Anyone from st. norbert class 1971,72. please email. Ron Stokes at RON STOKES,TAMPA,FLORIDA
st. petersburg, fl USA - Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:28am
I'm trying to find a fellow student, Cheryl Lapierre (not sure on last name spelling). We were in the second grade together 71-72 school year.
We both lived on John Daly Rd about one block from each other. I think that she had an older brother. We lost touch after I moved to Westland during the 2nd grade and I've been hoping to find her ever since. I've heard that she might have gone on to the local high school (Avondale?) in the area.
Can anyone help out?

Nicole Lamothe <>
South Lyon, MI USA - Sat May 31, 2008 2:41pm
Hi guys remember me class of 71/72 and 73 I liked the 8th grade alot staid an extra yr moved back to mi this yr. after being in Ca the last 30. Okay remember when leadbottem pulled Mr. nelson out of 8th grade class. I think you got my picture right in 2nd. grade My memories faded alot but seeing the names and faces brought some it back. Mr. Clancy next time I write I'll remind you of something that happened in 1966. and about ten years later.
greg walloch <gregwalloch>
hartland mi USA - Friday, May 16, 2008 11:02 PM
CHHS all school reunion - save the date - July 26, 2008
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:41pm
Sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Falzon, father to Dave and his siblings.
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Sun Mar 16, 2008 5:48pm
I recently met up with two fellow St. Norbert classmates, Norm (Norbert Szczepanski) Stephens and Chris Finney. I knew both of these guys from the 1st grade at St. Norberts until we all graduated in 1966. I served mass with Norm and Chris, who lived down the street, was in the Boy Scouts with me. His Dad was our scoutmaster. Chris moved away after 8th grade and Norm attended 9th grade at CHHS and moved to Warren to attend Warren Cousino High School. After dinner we went for a spin around the old neighborhood to look at our houses on Arlington and Sunningdale. We all agreed that St. Norberts Church and School looked pretty good and all the while we were trying to remember the names of friends, teachers, sisters, classmates and former neighbors. I pointed out to Norm that the original backstop was still intact on a snow covered lot behind the old St. Norbert High School where our field of dreams once stood. There, at that moment, while sitting with these two boyhood friends in my Jeep, I could see in my minds' eye the ballplayers I once knew and saw play there those many years ago. Norbert Szczepanski, Doug Funke, Ray Gill, Carey Wiley, Dennis Nickerson, John Theisen, Fran Redoutey....and many others whose names I cannot recall. On that same field I played football as a 7th grade, 95 lb. lineman. Mr. Coyle, Ray Core, Mr. Carroll and Mr. Bendus were our coaches. These experiences on that field over 40 years ago, helped to form me as a person and as a Catholic. Thank you St. Norbert School for the influence you had on me.
Steven White, Class of 1966 <>
Plymouth, MI USA - Monday, March 03, 2008 8:46 PM
ATTENTION St. Norbert Alumni from 1969-1976!!
I have been unofficially coined the "woman on a mission" by Jimmy Toth!
It is my dream to have a little reunion of all of us guys who graduated from 7th or 8th grade around 1975-77. Some folks have all ready found each other. We had a super-fun dinner with drinks last month in Westland. In attendance were me- Toni Auletti, Vicky Bruner (Rodriguez), Jimmy Toth, Greg Burton, Julie Spencer (McCarty). After a few margaritas, we telephoned Leroy Barber and Daniel Cremen. Leroy, you silly boy, stinking CALL ME or get in touch PLEASE! Danny, you too. In other news, Renee Percin (Redoudy) spoke to Julie recently and has promised to get in touch! Also, there was a Cathy Gubala sighting at Target Inc. by Julie (but no phone numbers were exchanged). Cathy, e-mail me girl! There was Paul Pilat siting in Westland by Renee, but again, no phone numbers were exchanged! Paul, where are you? I called Robert Kosolecki's brother recently, and he was suppose to give Bob my number...well that fell flat. But I am a dreamer--I know we can make the list grow! Anybody and everybody, call me, e-mail, contact your friends and family.

Toni Auletti <>
Dexter, MI USA - Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:07pm
It may be late for putting up a notice, but St. Norbert alums David, Mark and Mathew Brzezinski are performing in concert (The Six Foot Poles) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Saturday night:
Saturday, February 2, 2008
8:00 p.m. - Midnight

Downtown at:

6FT Poles poster Ann Arbor Brewing Company Annex
114 East Washington
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Classic rock at it's best. No Cover, Good Food, Home Brews.

Also check out our MySpace page with music and pictures.

David <> 1/30/2008
John - Class of 1965 pic - 2.9 I think is Mark Lang and 5.5 is Chris Pudelek (I think) That would make 4.6 on the class of 1966 also Chris Pudelek.

Can you help generate enthusiasm about this summer's CHHS all school reunion? Maybe the Norbies can have a separate meeting that Friday night or Saturday breakfast. Thoughts?
Julie <>
Jackson, tn USA - Tue Jan 22 16:39:20 2008
[JJS - You're right! I agree this is Chris P. Aslo 1964 is Chris, not John Y.
Have the reunion coincide with the Ann Arbor Art Fair.]
Regarding the picture - I think:
1-2 is Doug Perry
3-8 is John (Jack) Yacabelli
4-2 is Marguerite Powers
4-9 is not Donna Richard. I think her name was Connie something.

I may be wrong about these.........
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:05pm
*happy new year!
about 1964, 6th grade photo: is 2,8 lawrence toth? [Could be! I'll add the name --JJS]
i'm doing well. i saw jim o'brien in aug06 at our 36th sacred heart parish h.s. reunion. dave wilson and don beard attended, too.
many thanks, chris, for donating this collection!
my best to everyone.       --faithfully, p@ul*
Paul D. Panaretos, S.J. Gesu Jesuit Parish, University Heights, OH Tuesday, January 15, 2008 11:19 PM <>
We are getting ready for the CHHS all school reunion and need your help! A volunteer committee is being formed to start planning this MASSIVE party. Please email me at <> or Debbie Troyer Stone at <> if you would like to be a part of the reunion committee. Also, let your siblings, friends, ex-spouses and former neighbors know that, yes, it's been three years since the last reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer. I'll keep posting on this web page as well as
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Thu Jan 10 2008 4:48 PM
I enjoyed finding this site. Went to St Norbert from 3rd to 8th grade 57 - 62. Have loads of memories. Learning Latin from Dave Kerr to become an altar boy. The report cards from the 50s I had managed to forget. I think Dennis Schreiber was in my class at times as were Joe Veltri (we used to listen to 45s in his basement), Bob Wortman who became a policeman. Patricia Urban spotted me at Wayne State (while I was in a real fog). Also ran into Michael Audy there. Others I remember are Paul Schartz, Diane Long Dan Barkume and so many more...I had two sisters who went to St Kevins too. Great site. Thanks to all who contributed.
Robert Russell <>
Chelsea, Qc Canada - Fri Sep 28 2007 11:06 PM
I went to Michigan to visit my parents and took a ride through Inkster. Took some pictures if anyone is interested? Boy, what changes. I have not been through there in 25 years.

Dave Gardynik
New London, WI USA - Fri Sep 21 2007 1:11 PM
Hello Friends,
It is so good to get a "blast from the past"!
I attended St. Norberts from 1961 till I graduated 8th grade in June 1968. My brother Dreux, sister Rachelle, and I think even Clifford and Roger attended at St. Norbert's. The other 2 were too young. We moved to Big Rapids in 1970. I went to high school at Ladywood in Livonia till 1970..then Big Rapids High school where I met my husband John, we have 5 kids, now grown, and have 3 grandchildren. We rescue horses and raise puppies for Leader dogs now.
If anyone wants to email me just drop a line to: <>
Nanette Benoit Mishler Owosso, MI USA - Mon Aug 27, 2007 10:21am

Nice to find a site about the old school. Hope I and others can add to it.

Greg Wood
Clinton Township Mi
Friday, August 24, 2007 12:59 PM

anyone know where Barbara E. Orlich is? i'm her cousin's wife, Barbara R. Orlich

Barbara Orlich
Saturday, July 07, 2007 4:51 PM

Anyone out there from class of "1982," feel free to contact me.

Ronald Cameron
Port Orchard, WA
Monday, June 18, 2007 9:49 PM

Hello everyone. I have this old home movie that I took in 1973 when I was dating Nancy Michalik on Sherbourn Dr. and also in it is her sisters, Cindy, Michelle and also her two friends at the time, Peggy Cullen and don't remember her first name but her last was Delaney, and Nancy's mother.

Nancy Michalek, Inkster, Michigan - 1973

If anyone knows how to get a hold of her, please send her this link, I think she would get a kick out of it.

Thanks, Dave Gardynik
Sunday, January 28, 2007 3:11 PM

I am class of 79 and would love to know where is everyone?!   Never have had been invited to a reunion, did we have any?   Love to put one together!   25 years!!   contact me 951-505-7229, my cell is on 24/7!   Thanks
Mery Lu Salazar   Maria L.Salazae-Leveratto
lake elsinore
Sunday, October 22, 2006 1:26 AM

What great memories that I have of St. Norberts!!!  Well my family of 8 kids ( 2 sets of twins) lived on Woodland and 6 of my siblings went to St. Norberts.  I loved the nuns.  So long ago.  We have all moved from the area- Maureen- Georgia, Tommy - Florida, Shanna- Georgia, Tim , Sean and myself still reside in Michigan.  Looking at the site and relating to many past memories.  What fun we had.  Send me an e-mail.  Looking for Patty Weiss- Kathy, Debi Geiss, Cindy Jones, Patty Baily. Kathy O'Hagan (Palma)
Pinckney MI
Thursday, Sept. 07, 2006 11:37 AM

ST. NORBERTS STUDENT FROM 1957--1961 Joanne Glueckert

Hello Alumni,

I attended St. Norberts I believe from 1957 -1961 and my name was Joanne Glueckert.  My two brothers attended also.  Donald Glueckert started in 1958   and John Glueckert started in 1960.  

Because of the recession we moved to Simi Valley, CA because my Dad had found a home and a job for all his 5 kids and wife.  We are all still close and all of my siblings (including 1 more) live in the state.  My parents recently passed away.  Today is my mother's 3rd anniversary and we lost my Dad 10 months ago.  We were a very close family!

I remember the following names of the kids in my 4th grade class which was in 1960-1961:  Catherine McDonald, Claudia Papke, Ann Marie Wisner, John Theissen, Michael Corbin and Jennifer Jones.  I still have my annual but back then they did not put the names under the pictures.  You just have to guess! and or just remember the names.

When I was in the first grade I became ill with appendicitis and other childhood diseases so needless to say the principle advised my parents I would need to repeat first grade again  because I missed half of the school year which included reading,phonics and arithmetic.  I recall not wanting to repeat the first grade again and it was a struggle just to get me in the door the first day.  So now my Brother, Don and I are in the same grade and we would both graduate from high school in 1970.  Don graduated from Queen of Angels Seminary High School in Mission Hills, CA and I graduated from Royal High School, Simi Valley, CA.  All of my other (4) siblings graduated from Royal High as well.   

I had some college but then got married in 1972 and moved to Oregon.  I was divorced in 1983 and have 2 nice sons.  My oldest, Bryan is a landscape architect and my youngest son, is in Iraq now.  Both sons will be married by the end of this year.

If anyone remembers me it would be great to hear from them.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 4:10 PM
WOW!! I was absolutely stunned to find this website. I attended St. Norbert's first grade thru eighth grade (1959 thru 1966) and then moved to Sterling Heights and attended Cousino High School in Warren, Michigan. (1970 graduating class) IF anyone remembers me, you probably thought that I fell off the face of the earth. Well, almost!

I love the website. The pictures, the names, and the memories came flooding back. What a great idea!! I accidentally came across the website after I typed in about thirty names in Google's "images" search engine. When I typed in Christine Bielak, PRESTO. Up popped the St. Norbert's site.

If someone has the time, give me a holler or let Christine Bielak or Steve White or Father Paul Panaretos, or ?? contact me at Thanks for the site.
Norm Stephens (Norbert Szczepanski) <>
Caro, MI USA - Sat April 1, 2006 21:47:39
Thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure you all know how difficult it is to lose a beloved family member, and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for me and my family. Mom will have a tough time after having 58 years of marriage with Dad, but they've had a rich and full life together. He'll be missed greatly by so many people, as he was still very active for an 82 year old, even up to the morning of March 4. And it was so nice to see those who came to the visitation in South Lyon March 7, your presence was so special! Thanks for continuing to keep us in mind.
John Schneider <>

John - I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you and Melissa are doing fine.
Julie <>
Jackson, TN USA - Mon Mar 20, 2006 17:12:41
It is with great sadness that Louis Schneider, the father of our great website creator; John, passed away on March 4th. Our prayers are with John and his family.
Roseann Polovino Gomez <>
Dbn. Hgts., MI USA - Fri Mar 10 21:51:37 2006
Kathy Kehoe - tried to email you but I think you've changed addresses. How have you been?
Julie <>
Jackson, TN USA - Sun Feb 19, 2006 15:51:00
CALLING DEBBIE (ACKERMAN), JEDNAK(?)!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU? Please get in touch with me. I love and miss you my dear sweet friend!
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt <>
Ypsilanti, mi USA - Thu Jan 12 17:12:37 2006
Mark Desira! Hi my old friend! Are you still married? Am I going to get in trouble with your wife AGAIN by writing to you here? lol. Give me a shout, IF your wife allows you, ok? lol.
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt <>
Ypsilanti, mi USA - Thu Jan 12 17:10:19 2006
Ok Julie! I wouldn't have known that you are 54 years old if it wasn't for! LOL! They wrote me and told me you had a birthday, so blame it on them chickster! Haha! I'm afraid you are going to find lots of "dirt" on me, so I'm being very very nice to you my dear friend! Julie, did you know you are the bestest looking 54 year old woman in the whole world? (see how nice I'm being? lol) Sincerely though, you ARE beautiful Julie. ESPECIALLY FOR A 54 YEAR OLD!
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt <>
Ypsilanti, mi USA - Thu Jan 12 17:07:59 2006
Hope Everyone has a Great New Year, see you all sometime in the future. Mark Desira
Mark Desira <>
Islamorada, Fl. USA - Tue Jan 3 16:02:55 2006
Oh, my gosh, Jeri. I was TRYING to be nice, but since you made sure the whole world (or at least the Catholic world of SNS) knows my age, I am going to DIG, DIG, DIG until I find dirt on you!!!! You have been warned!
Julie <>
USA - Tue Dec 27 14:02:15 2005
Oh no Roseann! It wasnt ME that led YOU astray! lol! You are quite the comic! It was YOU that wanted the boys to check us out and YOU are the one that had ALL THE MAKEOUT parties! (dont tell anyone I loved them!) Hehehe. I fell in love so many times at Roseann's makeout parties! Wow! I remember someone at her party was singing a song to me that was......"if you were my lady, would you have my baby!" Or something to that effect! Roseann, get on the ball and write me back chicky! I still love ya!
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt <>
Ypsilanti, mi USA - Mon Dec 19 16:27:44 2005
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE! 54 years old! dayummmmmmmmmmm!!!!
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt <>
Ypsilanti, Mi USA - Mon Dec 19 16:22:43 2005
OK Rosann because this is addressed to the Marinkos I am speculating you are including me, Julie's much younger brother Les. Compared to the Oaklanders us West Hillians were peaceful God fearing people. Remember, I knew you when you were my boss at BK. Talk about tough. Of course you did let me drive your car (the silver Mach, not the green Mav) once.

Les Marinko <>
Clawson, MI USA - Fri Dec 9 13:51:33 2005
Hey Dudley ( Deb Jedinak ), did you change your e-mail address? Can't get through on the one listed here.
Roseann Polovino Gomez <>
Dbn. Hgts., MI USA - Mon Dec 5 12:53:36 2005
Marinkos: Shame, shame, shame!!! I would NEVER beat anyone up!! Since Julie is the oldest of the bunch SHE is the one to watch out for!!! I never would lead Jeri astray! I think SHE was the one who taught ME!!!
Roseann Polovino Gomez <>
Dbn. Hgts, MI USA - Mon Dec 5 12:22:01 2005
Julie! You are going to have to ask Les THAT question! ;o) Ask him if "under Sister Florida's desk" means anything to him! Hmmmmmm, it was Les....was'nt it? (wink, wink)
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt <>
Ypsilanti, Mi USA - Wed Nov 16 11:13:45 2005
Jeri - you HAVE to tell me about the kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or I'll have Polovino beat you up)

Julie <>
USA - Tue Nov 15 13:38:34 2005
Les, Les, Les! I was so thrilled to see you wrote in the guestbook! You remember me too! (But, how could you forget the old "shifter"!) lol! I forgot that I even had that old nickname! Im so glad that your MUCH OLDER (lmao) sister, Julie, will take care of Roseann, if she gets mad at me. ;o) I have been going over this site for the past week, and loving every second of it. I miss you, my old friend! I miss each and every one of you! Give me a shout at my email address. I would love to hear from you and everyone! Hey Les, remember that kiss? Now I know I have you thinking! lol. Take care Les, and much love to all of you!
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt <>
Ypsilanti, Mi USA - Tue Nov 15 11:36:18 2005
Jerri "Shifter", one of the official class of 71 1/2 grads like myself. Where in the heck have you been? Long time no see. Your submissions were great. Forget about what Roseann will think. I'll get my much older sister Julie to take care of her. Must admit I was shocked that Rosann would lead you astray. Thank goodness Julie was never at any function Rosann may of had.

Les Marinko <>
Clawson, MI USA - Tue Nov 15 8:11:09 2005
WOW! Where has the time gone? Great website - brings back tons of memories and they are all Good - thats pretty amazing in itself.
I read a Julie Marinko quote that she still felt 18. I've aged - probably feeling like 24 - 25 now :)
I want to thank everyone for posting the pictures - they are truly fantastic and I can't believe some have managed to find things like their old Report Cards, Pagan Baby Certificates, Messengers, etc. If I look hard I'm sure there are a few things saved (hidden) somewhere. I'll have to see if anything survived that long. But I do remember having saved some pretty weird stuff - we'll see.
Thanks Again to ALL
Chuck Spisak <>
Hudson, WI USA - Thu Nov 10 11:57:07 2005
Hello to all of my long lost friends at St. Norbert & Cherry Hill high schools! I have been looking for everyone that I remember, for a long time. Roseanne, hey chicky! Remember your old good lookin neighbor? lol. Yes, me! I remember us going to the library stuffing our bras so the guys would notice us! You started it first! Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone ever knew we stuffed our bras! I sure don't have to do that now! Can anyone say...."reduction"? lol. Yes, I want one! I seem to be getting alzheimer's like my Mother had, so I don't remember alot of your names. But I sure do remember a few of you! If anyone is interested in emailing me, please do so at <> Thanks everyone, sure hope to catch up with all or some of you!
Jeri (Schiffer) Hammerschmidt
Ypsilanti, Mi USA - Tue Nov 8 16:52:24 2005
Just stumbled on this site. What a shock!

I attended St. Norberts from grades 3-8, graduating from Cherry Hill in 1975.

Just thought I'd leave a note in case anyone wants to kill me or catch up or something. I'll be retiring to Thailand in May of 2006 or after if my house hasn't sold by then.

I still remember going through several teachers in the 5th grade before Sister Catherine Therese whipped us into shape. What a monster! And what a sweet old lady. I remember her crying and hugging me right before being transferred to another problem area. She really did love us.

I also have many fond memories of being in the choir and playing the organ in church. Anyone remember hearing the Batman TV theme while walking by the church? Gotta practice!
James Gramze <>
Dearborn Heights, MI USA - Sun Oct 9 10:14:17 2005
There is some talk of an SNS all school reunion to be held next year. What are your thoughts?

Julie Marinko Plunk
Jackson, TN USA - Fri Aug 12 7:16:13 2005
I would like to attend this years class reunion if it not too late. Call me at 1-734-6343. Cathy
Cathy Felkins (Kehoe)<>
Plymouth, Mi. USA - Thu Jul 21 20:04:58 2005
I can't wait to see everyone at the CHHS all school reunion. It's hard to believe that it's been 35 years for the class of '70! I still feel like I'm 18.

I'll be flying in on July 28th and would love to get together with anyone who has the time. Email me at

See you guys then (or as we say in Tennessee - see ya'll then).
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Wed Jul 6 6:50:51 2005
Enjoyed this site. I too remember Mr. Hawn and driving on the ice in the parking lot. Came in handy while living in Marquette Michigan!! Enjoyed Sr. Florida the most. My parents moved here in 1984 so I haven't been 'home' since. Fr. Pettit married us in 1973. My boys are married and we're grandparents already. Our daughter is a sophmore in high school. Watching her go through her freshmen year and confirmation brought back many memories. Won't make this year's reunion. Hard to think it's been 35 years!!
have fun
Patricia Cuthill Thomas <>
Big Rapids, MI USA - Wed Jun 22 13:09:08 2005
What a wonderful website - wish I would have stumbled across this sooner. Great work Julie & Les.
Hope all will visit the website for the upcoming reunion commemorating the graduating classes of 1962-1986.
Pamela Bright <>
Wed June 9, 2005
Hello class of 1970
I lost contact with everyone and missed the last few reunions. I would love to see all of you and catch up with the last 25 years. Please contact me and I will do lunch or even dinner with you.
See you soon,
Cathy Kehoe <>
Wed May 11, 2005
The Coolest Thing
Dear Alum's, My name is Mike Veltri, I went to St. Norberts along with my brothers Joe & Vince and sister Trish. I graduated from Cherry Hill in 1977.
While surfing I saw the coolest picture of St. Noberts at; put in Woodsfield, Inkster, Mi. This is what you will see: aerial photo 44kb. (Or this hi-res imageaerial photo Hi Res 136kb)I know you will enjoy it.
Love to all, Michael Veltri <>
Thur Dec 23, 2004
Attended St. Norberts church and Cat. classes from 1964 through 1979. During the days of Fr. Petit said it columns in the church paper and after that walking up to the plaza on cherry hill for a soda or sandwich at the ol dime store.
Moved from the area in 1980 and in 1990 was my last time in the church when my grandmother passed on. I am sorry I missed the final mass and the ol friends that may of been there. Thank you for the web site, forgotten memories have been restored. Please e-mail me even if you don't remember.
And may god bless us all.
Joe Morris <>
New Hudson, Mi USA - Wed Dec 1 11:26:43 2004
Hello Alumnus,
Great seeing everyone.
I played on St. Norbert's Team I guess in '62 and '63.
I was attending Cherry Hill High School at the time this photo was taken in '63 (Freshmen year), yet playing on St. Norbert's team.
Bill Szpryka, my dear friend who passed away in April 2004, was in the same situation as I (explains why he missed the photo, too). Bill later went on to be Tri-River League All League Half-Back...Best in the League.
I was middle-linebacker and nose-guard. Bill and I played competitive with one another many times in practice, and mutually had the highest respect for each other's ability.
Bill's son, Scott has carried on his father's tradition, and as a 235 lb, 10.2-100, junior halfback, is tearing up the East Coast of the United States. More than that, Scott is being given preferential treatment by many colleges and Professional Baseball Teams.

We scrimmaged Cherry Hill, that day I dragged my helmet from class to class (kid), almost got beat up in the john,(if they tried it they would have paid), I was slight 95 lbs. During a play Vince Constantino, CH fullback 150 lbs, broke free around their right side. Open field, he sneered at me (pissed me off) (I said to myself, "no way in hell," ...yeah I swore) I hit him as hard as I could hit. After wrestling with him I got him down within five yards... A fun day !
I recognize:
#17 Tom Kish (Who later become a Tri-River League 100 yard dash Champion)
#32 Possibility John Madigan
Middle of the back row is Marty Conaughton, #x2 (Marty lived right over the fence from me, a childhood friend).
Father Child is on the left.

Given the time writing this, I think I played '61,'62.

It's been fun ......Thanks
Bob Karr
My maiden name was Mary Frances Rodgers. I lived on Woodland Dr. St. Norbert classmates and neighbors families were Gies, O'Hagen, Strauss, Weiss, Bratcher,York, Kendra, Paris, Loftus, Menard, Zielinka...and many others!It was by pure luck that I happened upon this website. What a trip down memory lane! I attended St. Norberts from 1st grade thought most of 7th grade; years 1966-1972 (ish!). My teachers were Mrs. Tscherne, Sister Stella Marie, Miss Hatch, Mrs. Studinsky, Sr. Helen, Mr. Buzcek and a string of teachers in the 7th grade that kept quitting because we were so bad!!!! I did the shared-time thing at John Hill Junior High until we moved to Union Lake and I attended Walled Lake Consolidated Schools. As much as I loved St. Norberts, I really liked the idea of no uniforms and a full day at one school when we moved. I don't know about my classmates, but I always felt that I really wasn't part of any school during those junior high days.
I have been married for almost 20 years to J.J. and we have three wonderful children, ages 14, 12 and 8. We tried the parochial school route with my two oldest at St. Patrick's in White Lake, but they really couldn't offer the level of education that the public schools did.
I'd really like to hear from people from my "era"...don't hesitate to e-mail with any updates!
Mary Fox <>
West Bloomfield, MI USA - Fri Nov 26 16:39:14 2004
Attended St. Norberts in grades 6th 1971,7th 1972 & 8th 1973. I had Mr Buzzik?, Annette Consigleo, Paul Centkowski, Ann Lascola, Robert Weldy, Mark Murray, Nancy Cullen in 6th.
I went to John Hill shared time also for 7th and 8th grades. Dated Nancy Michalek on Sherborne Dr. in 72 or 73 for a while. Married Beth Smith from Inkster, MI. in 1978. In 1991 Beth, kids, and I relocated to New London, WI and still here.
I just found out about ST. Norberts closing, what a sad thing as I have many memories of that church and neighborhood. Would like to reminisce with anyone that remembers me, please email me at: <>
Dave Gardynik <>
New London, WI USA - Thu Nov 4 10:09:05 2004
I heard about the reunion from my brother, Steve, and sister, Theresa. Sorry to have missed it! I came across this website, and am enjoying the memories.
I was sad to see that Marie Bachor and Joe Boehnlien have passed away; is this recent news?
I'll put the next reunion on the calendar for July '05, and will keep browsing this site.
We've been in Roscommon nine years now, where my husband and I work in area schools. Our three girls have kept us busy, and the two older ones are now in college. It's been a journey, watching their faith grow.
What an impression St. Norbert made on us! The foundation I learned at "Saint Norbies" and "Crackerbox High" have sustained me, and I'm grateful to the nuns and teachers who put it in place.
Hi to all the '72 alums, and thanks for the work done here.
God bless!
Cecilia White Scow <>
Roscommon, MI USA - Fri Oct 15 20:37:50 2004
Hi Everyone,

I found the website by accident. It sure was an eyeopener!! Thank You to everyone for their hard work in putting it together. ..... Hey Roseanne, Remember when we would drive up and down Telegraph then stop and display our cars at EJ Korvettes parking lot at Telegraph and W. Chicago? Your Mach Mustang and my Chevell Malibu...
Yup Yup...were goin to the zoo!!!!
I will continue to view the website...God Bless and Good Health to all.
Deb Jedinak(Ackerman)class of "72"
Westland, MI USA - Fri Sep 24 10:47:50 2004
I really enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces at the Mass at St. Norberts' on May 15th. I thought of all the Masses I had served for Fr. Majeske, Fr. Boyce, Fr. Child and Msgr. Horkan. All of those midnight masses on Christmas Eve! After Mass, I recall Fr. Majeske passing out silver dollars to all of us altar boys in the sacristy. That was big deal to a 10 year old kid. I thought I was having a flashback when they brought out the incense, what memories of Good Friday!! Great memories of the school, too. All of us were very fortunate to have been at St. Norberts' in those days. I felt a little sad, as many of you have expressed. 2 of my sisters were married there, my grandmother was buried from St. Norberts', many of my siblings were baptized there. Our thoughts and prayers should be with the Church. St. Norberts' may be gone but our faith should continue to endure.
Steven White '66 (St. Norberts)
Westland, MI
Steven White <>
Westland, MI USA - Wed Jul 14 11:48:56 2004
Hi, My name is Kathryn (Marentette) Spern (Actually legally it was Mary Kathryn).

My mom & dad moved to Inkster in 1954, the year after I was born In May 1969, my family moved to our new house in Livonia, where I attended and graduated from Stevenson High School 1971. I then attended and graduated from Wayne State University in 1975 with a Liberal Arts degree in Foods and Business, Consumer Affairs. At present, I am employed by SBCDO (SBC Directory Operations) the SBC Yellow Pages here in Troy for almost 9 years. I handle escalated and code yellow issues in our Customer Service Center for our advertising clients in 5 states. I have been divorced for almost 13 years, and have 2 wonderful kids. My son Kevin is 21 years old and is a 4th year Engineering student at Michigan State University. My daughter, Kelly is 18 this Sunday graduating from High School in 2 weeks and will be attending Michigan State in the fall 2004 to study fashion design or law, whichever one she feels at the moment. I have lived in Troy, MI for almost 23 years now.
I was a student a St. Norbert's From 8th grade thru the end of 10th grade. From 3rd grade to the end of 7th grade I was a student at the now closed St. Kevin's School in Inkster (how sad). For grades 1 and 2 -- I attended St. Aloysius School in Romulus. (We were bussed from St. Kevin's Church, I think)

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Bielak Lamar at (unfortunatley) her former mother in law's funeral. Aug 2003 . She advised me to navigate to this website Congratulations, Chris --- for suppling the start up pictures on the website, what a great website!. Unfortunately, I found that I missed out on the reunion of the century last year 2003. I recently navigated again and found that I felt like I was back in the classroom. I was one of the shared time students that brought me to Cherry Hill High School either in the AM or the PM. I was pictured in the group picture for the class of 1971 from the Cherry Hill Yearbook 1969 Page 77 (10th Shared time-afternoon) I was the 4th gal in the second row from the left between Pam McCusker and Marilyn Rockett. I had a beehive hairdo with the white bow at the top of my head (how so ugly) I look absolutely NOTHING like that picture!! My Last name was slaughtered as Marentitle. (Correct was Marentette) Prononced (Mare (as in Hair) ---en ---tette) I especially enjoyed reading about all the students who I once knew at St. Kevin's. Some of them knew my older brother -- Tom Marentette who lives in Macomb Twp. My sister Rose Marentette Buckely went to school at St. Kevin's with Dan Mulhern, who we now know as "the first man" of Michigan. I have a younger brother, Brian Marentette, who went to St. Kevin's and lives in Westland. I was the only "priviledged" one that had the chance of the lifetime to attend St. Norbert's! And I do consider that one of my best memories. I remember Sr. Florida, and Sr. Balboa so much! I remeber being sent to the bathroom to wash off the eye make-up. I remember having to put on a sweater, so (God forbid) the guys would not see our underarms!!!!!!! (Sr. Florida) I remember kneeling on the floor so our skirts and dresses would touch the floor!!!!!

I have sooooooo many memories of St. Norbert's and the friends that I had met thru the years. I would very much like to stay in touch with everyone, I had the pleasure of E-mailing Kathy Foley, class of 1971, in Oct 2003 when I somehow got on to How neat!!!!!!! Please keep me in contact with everyone.

My e-mail is "stratpav AT aol DOT com" (don't ask how I came up with that-I couldn't tell you)
My address is: 1191 Villa Park Drive, Troy, Michigan 48085
Home Phone: 248 828 0144, work phone at SBC is 800 856 1314 X 7053

Thanks, Would so much enjoy hearing from some people!
Kathy (Marentette) Spern <>

Troy, Michigan USA - Wed May 19, 2004 7:48 PM
Boy, talk about a flashback. To be attending Mass at St. Norbert's with the church full again could only bring memories of many Sundays spent praying and checking out who was at Mass. It was definitely a bittersweet moment. Wish there could have been more folks in attendance, but it was certainly great seeing many familiar, friendly faces. Just seeing The Flavin family, Pat Veltri, David Wild & Sharyn, Debbie McGregor, Sharon Totzke, Cissy Walker, John Perkovich, Pat Theisen, Carmen Broskea and her mom, Sandy Malane & Maria Majka, the Madajs, the Theisen family, the Cotters, the Thorpes, the Romankos, the Murrays, the Marinkos, the Whites, Mrs. Jbara, Father Pettit (he performed the marriage ceremony for my first wedding to Greg Roell), Sr. Barbara Mary, Sister Beverly (Andrew Bobola) was really, really wonderful. It was nice to have a small reception following the Mass, so we could mingle one last time in the Social Hall!!!
Now, more than ever, it is so great we have this site to go back to and visit so much of our history. Thanks again for all the people who have contributed pictures and memories. Let's keep it going. Sincerely, Kathy Foley Schemers
Kathy Foley Schemers <>
Waterford, MI USA - Tue May 18 10:44:32 2004
Attending the final Mass at St. Norberts was very emotional for me. As always, it was great seeing everyone from the class of 1970, Roseanne (and her husband Bert - an honorary member of our class), John Thorpe, Steve White, Sharon and Cissy, Rick Romanko, Tom Cotter - I know I'm forgetting someone. It was a GREAT turnout - and having a "guitar" Mass was very special. I could hear Sister Florida telling the girls to "put a ruffle on it" and I swear that Tony Lombard was two rows up talking to John Neph. It looked like my dad and my brother Frank sitting by the statue of Mary. Some would say it was just my imagination...but I don't think so. I know they were there in spirit. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures posted on the site. Hurry and send them in! I'll see everyone next year at the Cherry Hill all school reunion.
Julie Marinko Plunk <> Jackson, TN USA - Sun May 16 18:50:29 2004
The O'Brien sisters were reading the email and enjoying what fellow graduates had to say. Everyone can contact us except the Beard boys!!!Especially you Ronny!! If anyone can remember fond memories of us please email, we seem to have forgotten Grades 1-8!!
The O'Brien Gals
molly patty and noreen obrien <>
USA - Mon May 3 15:39:52 2004
Greetings Everyone,
Although I didn't attend school at St. Norberts (went to John Hill then Cherry Hill) I did attend church there for a while and was on the "Shamrocks" football team from 1965-1966. I wore #23. I played half back and Tom Bailey played full back. I remember those day very well and will never forget!!!!!!!! May God Bless You All.
William Carriveau <> or <>
Westland, MI USA - Wed Apr 14 18:08:25 2004
Sorry to hear the church is closing. I had some great times at St. Norbert school from 1974 to 1977.......
Mark W. Schiffer <>
Dearborn, MI USA - Fri Mar 19 13:32:01 2004
I guess everyone knows by now that May 15th will be the final Mass at St. Norberts. I'm sure John will have updates and postings on this web site.

Hope to see everyone there.
Julie <> USA - Wed Mar 17 15:11:31 2004
Seeing the reunion photos with some names I recognize, although not the faces, brought back fond memories of more simpler times growing up in innocent Inkster! Us Schneider kids would walk to school from Colonial Drive, following the same route through our neighborhoods and crossing Avondale and Inkster Road, with the help of that friendly crossing guard lady. In going back to the area present day, it is fun to see the same houses and stores we passed as kids, but now through the eyes much, much older! Memories become hazy over the years, and it's kinda sad to see the shutdown of both St. Norbert's and Cherry Hill as the highschool I fondly remember. Perhaps it may be better to not revisit, but to keep those golden memories intact and unchanged!
Greg Schneider (CHHS '74) <>
Sugar Land, Texas USA - Tue Feb 26 22:49:00 2004
Thank you. I will keep checking this site.
USA - Wed Feb 25 6:29:32 2004
Hi Matt - I called the church last week and they said they should have a date for the final Mass this week. I was told it would probably be May 15th or 22nd. I'm just waiting for the exact date so I can book my flight.
Julie Marinko Plunk <> Jackson, TN USA - Tue Feb 17 9:27:27 2004
Will there be a going away mass at the the Church???
Livonia, MI USA - Tue Feb 3 14:49:50 2004
I was so excited to discover this web site. I loved going to school at St. Norberts. It brought back many happy memories. If anyone remembers me, please send me an email.

Sally Said
Sally Said Otting <>
Brandon, MS USA - Fri Jan 23 21:04:18 2004
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