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Greg Schneider's Family Albums

Growing Up in Inkster, Michigan, the 1970s

Photographs by Greg Schneider

Growing up in Inkster Michigan (at 1387 Colonial Drive) meant living in a large family (6 boys, 2 girls, occasionally with assorted pets), living near a huge playground (across the street was one of Inkster's best parks with baseball diamonds and plenty of woods, creeks, and hills), and schooling at St. Norbert School. There's lots of summer sun and winter snow, lots of birthdays and Christmases, lots of baseball, football, hockey, bicycling, swimming and vacationing. Here are some of Greg's best shots invoking a golden age of growth.

album 1
Album One
Aug 1969 thru May 1970
album 1
Album Two
Summer of 1970
album 1
Album Three
Oct 1970 thru Oct 1971
album 1
Album Four
May 1976 thru Dec 1979





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