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Remember Me Always

on the Back of Senior Pictures

The thrill or agony encountered when you were asked to write a note on the back of your Senior class picture depended on many things. Did you like them, did you want them to like you, were you ever going to see them again? Looking at these notes made on the last day of school, the final day of your Senior year, can be bittersweet. So many phrases like "keep in touch" went unfulfilled. So many friends parted ways to travel different roads. Memories grew dim over the years. Only the lucky continued their friendship.

Remember "RMA"? Remember Me Always. Who could forget. Who could forget helping to get situated in Mr. Nelson's 8th grade class. Or taking the glasses from the Red Fox at the Prom. And just what went on at that bonfire in the 10th grade? And who was that famous personality in the back of that convertible? And what did you guys do at your house when you skipped study hall? And did you really think she was such a sneak?

So many expressions of "I hope you never change" in such a rapidly changing word, at the moment of greatest change. So many "I'll never forget you." So many "remember all the fun we had in school." I hope reading these brings it rushing back in all its hope, expectancy, joy and flush of youth. No time since could be like it. What a grand memory! Remember when . . . .


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