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Kathy's Prom Photos in a New Book

Kathy /Foley/ Schemers' prom photos are used in Elissa Stein's new hardcover book Prom Night: The Best Night of Your Life. Featured are the St. Norbert's alumni couples seen on Kathy's Prom page, from the Cherry Hill High School Junior/Senior Prom of 1971.

Ms. Stein's book can be seen on Amazon but is out of print with limited availability.

From the publisher's page:

Prom Night
The Best Night of Your Life
By Elissa Stein

5 x 7 in; 96 pp ; color and B/W photographs throughout
Published in February, 2005
ISBN 0811845443

Kathy /Foley/ Schemers just wrote (2/12/05) to tell us about it:

Just wanted to let you know I received my copy of "PROM NIGHT" from Elissa Stein today. The book is entitled Prom Night-The Best Night of Your Life by Elissa Stein. The book was on Amazon but is out of print with limited availability. Following is a list of alumni featured in the book:

Patti Dwyer - 1972 (w/ Dave Clark)
RoseMary Tomala - 1971
Patrick Stewart -1971
Dave Sonsara - 1971
Tina Gajewski - 1971
Danny Gorman - 1972
Nancy Martens - 1972
Kathy Foley - 1971
Leon Grobaski - 1971
Emory Fasano - 1971
Sharon Fairbanks - 1972
Kathy Buerkle - 1971 (w/ John Kaza)
Sharon Stockinger - 1972 (w/Gary Reeve who attended St. Norbert Grade School)
Ron Stokes - 1972 (w/ Jan Zelinka)
John Schneider - 1970
Mary Jankowski - 1971
Cindy Croft - 1973 (w/ Steve Maline)


Kathy Foley Schemers

P.S. It's especially endearing for me, because my mom got photographer acknowledgement for the picture of Leon and me she took at our house on Sherbourne.

Kathy also submitted a short newspaper review of the book from "The Plain Dealer" Cleveland, OH, dated Tuesday, April 26, 2005.

Best Night of Your Life

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