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Kathy's Prom Photos in a New Book

Kathy Foley's prom photos are used in Elissa Stein's new hardcover book Prom Night: The Best Night of Your Life. Featured are the St. Norbert's alumni couples seen on Kathy's Prom page, from the Cherry Hill High School Junior/Senior Prom of 1971.

Ms. Stein's book can be acquired from the publisher Chronicle Books for $12.95, or by doing an Internet search for the title.

From the publisher's page:

Prom Night
The Best Night of Your Life
By Elissa Stein

5 x 7 in; 96 pp ; color and B/W photographs throughout
Published in February, 2005
ISBN 0811845443

Kathy /Foley/ Schemers just wrote (2/12/05) to tell us about it:

Just wanted to let you know I received my copy of "PROM NIGHT" from Elissa Stein today. The book is entitled Prom Night-The Best Night of Your Life by Elissa Stein. The book is available on at a cost of $12.95. Following is a list of alumni featured in the book:

Patti Dwyer - 1972 (w/ Dave Clark)
RoseMary Tomala - 1971
Patrick Stewart -1971
Dave Sonsara - 1971
Tina Gajewski - 1971
Danny Gorman - 1972
Nancy Martens - 1972
Kathy Foley - 1971
Leon Grobaski - 1971
Emory Fasano - 1971
Sharon Fairbanks - 1972
Kathy Buerkle - 1971 (w/ John Kaza)
Sharon Stockinger - 1972 (w/Gary Reeve who attended St. Norbert Grade School)
Ron Stokes - 1972 (w/ Jan Zelinka)
John Schneider - 1970
Mary Jankowski - 1971
Cindy Croft - 1973 (w/ Steve Maline)


Kathy Foley Schemers

P.S. It's especially endearing for me, because my mom got photographer acknowledgement for the picture of Leon and I she took at our house on Sherbourne.

Kathy also submitted a short newspaper review of the book from "The Plain Dealer" Cleveland, OH, dated Tuesday, April 26, 2005.

Best Night of Your Life

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