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Email Address Protection Policy

These days email address harvesting robots are plentiful, and Spam is an problem of epic proportions. I have replace the Javascript address protection because some don't have Javascript enabled. And these addresses should be available to all. So I have implemented another technique devised by the author of this web page This should hide email address from these robots.

Advice exists, and understandably, that the only real protection is to remove all email addresses from a web site. Here is an interesting article about the topic. The method used in our guestbook currently passes muster. I hope it doesn't come to the point of removing all addresses, but some type of protection is necessary. I'm just sorry I have only now implemented it.

The addresses are still seen on the page but the code that causes the display will not be easily deciphered by harvesting programs.

Upon notification of a new guestbook entry I will manually insert this coding in place of the address submitted. There could be up to a day's time between those events; I typically check for new entries several times each day to keep out the bizarre Spam entry which has occurred on occasion.

I understand that some might still be wary in spite of such an attempt at protecting one's privacy and Inbox. If, instead of not leaving any address at all, or a munged address, you would like to email the information to include an address after the fact you can send it to <>, and I will add the encoded address to your message.

If anyone has questions about this or any other aspect of this web site I will be happy to entertain them.

John Schneider, class of 1970

revised 5/22/04


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