This site is dedicated to alumni who have gone before us. They are not forgotten no matter how long ago their passing. They are still missed.
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Joe Boehlein
class of 1972

Sue Wroble Ciecierski
class of 1970

Dan Dubiel
class of 1969

Douglas Funke
class of 1970

Elizabeth Garcia

Elizabeth Garcia
class of 1971

Frank M. Gucwa

Frank Gucwa

James Healy

James Healy
class of 1980

Lucy Kalis
class of 1972

Stan Lemanek
class of 1966

Dave Lobkovich
class of 1973

Anthony Lombard
class of 1970

John Mackowski
class of 1970

Frank Marinko
class of 1975

Bill Matulevich
class of 1971

Patti Myers
class of 1971

John Neph
class of 1970

Patty Rice, class of 1972, died May 23, 2010

Patty Rice
class of 1972

Daniel Sarna, class of 1973, died Feb. 9, 2002

Daniel Sarna
class of 1973

Jane Sarna, class of 1977, died April 19, 1983

Jane Sarna
class of 1977

Christopher Seitz
class of 1970

Cheryl Siemieniak
class of 1970

Joseph Servantez

Joseph Servantez

John Skalsky
class of 1971

Joe Tencza

Rene Wildfong
class of 1972

jack yacobelli

Jack Yacobelli
class of 1970



Marie Bachor (class of 1972)
Paul Daniel Brzezinski, d. Jan. 25, 2008
Stephen Brzezinski (class of 1968)
William Cartwright 1960-1975 (class of 1974)
Bernadette Durkee, November, 2010 (class of 1970)
Jim Fitzpatrick d. 2008
Kathy Gies d. 2004
Daryl Hinaris (class of 1971 )
Brenda Klink, d. 12/5/07, (class of 1970)
Carol Lezotte
John S. Majka
Maureen O'Hagan, d. October 3, 2010
Robert O'Mara, d. July 26, 2010
Arthur James (Jimmy) Pozdol, 1944-1967
Tim Pozdol, 1950-1988
Greg Prange, d. 1993 (class of 1965)
Tom Rodzik, d. July 31, 2010 (class of 1970)
Cheryl Siemieniak Kirila, d. 2/9/2018 (class of 1970)
Nancy Seppi Sims, d. Nov. 18, 2010
Michael Sonnenberg 1960-2003 (class of 1974)
Carol Susewitz (class of 1976)
Barb Therien
Paul Vagi (class of 1974)
Joe Vella, d. 1966 (class of 1969)
Cheryl Yassay (class of 1970)
David Wild (class of 1971)


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