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The St. Norbert High School graduating class of 1970 was the first to experience the new Shared-Time High School program in Michigan, and receive diplomas from both Cherry Hill High School and St. Norbert's. Not able to afford an entire high school program, the state allowed the parish to fund a half day of high school at St. Norbert and half day at Cherry Hill. Saints joined sinners (poetically speaking) in education and we had a blast (in a sense). The program lasted from 1967 to 1973. We grew up in a lot of ways back then.

Here are the Shared-Time class pictures from the Cherry Hill High School yearbooks 1968, 69 and 70. Interestingly, it seems not all Shared-Time grades and classes were represented. I don't know why that was unless sometimes classes were just photographed among the rest of Cherry Hill's students. But these pages include all the classes specified as Shared-Time. Also note that when these pictures were taken, some students tried to get in multiple shots, just to be devious. Please check the Navigation Bar for the other classes.

NOTE:    See notes with pictures about the spelling of names. Click on the pictures for larger images with names.

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