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The Future of Ss. Norbert/Kevin Church

Members Meeting Saturday, January 3, 2004

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1/13/04 Update: Church to Close

information by Kathy Foley Schemers and Anne Marie Miruzzi

The future direction of St. Norbert/St. Kevins Church will be discussed in a meeting of registered members scheduled for Saturday, January 3, 2004 at 7:30 pm in the St. Norbert Church Social Hall. If you are a parish member and cannot attend, please offer your prayers.

The meeting on Saturday is with Fr. Jack Baker of St. Mary's of Wayne. He is the administrative priest right now, as there is currently only a temporary pastor from India, Fr. Antony. The meeting is for registered Parishioners only. It is reported that possibly Fr. Jack has a list at the door checking off those who are Registered and only allowing those to enter. This meeting is to talk about the POSSIBILITY of the closing. No one is quite sure what will happen. Anne Marie advises that she can provide an update after the meeting tomorrow evening. But please, keep those attending in your prayers and good thoughts!!!!

Update Saturday, January 3, 2004, 11:12 PM from info by Anne Marie Miruzzi:

The report from tonight's meeting indicates the meeting was not positive for keeping Ss. Norbert/Kevin parish going. Fr. Jack Baker is apparently determined to close SS. Kevin and Norbert church. He feels its presence in the community doesn't justify its poor financial condition. He appears a calculating business person and administrator. He has a meeting Monday at 2:30 pm with the Presbyteral Council; so tonight's meeting seemed merely to advise everyone of a predetermined decision.

There may be a small ray of hope. If you feel so inclined to write Cardinal Maida faxing your letter of support to the Archdiocese of Detroit at (313) 237-4642 by Monday at 1:00pm, let him know that this is a great place, that tough we are small in numbers, we are big in heart.

Anne suggests writing this evening asking if the "church" Office area could be moved to the old High School or the Focus Hope building, as it is now known, and have the rest of the property be sold off. She says "it's a LONG shot, but it is a positive solution."

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Update Sunday, January 4, 2004, 11:29 AM Debbie Troyer-Stone:


(Regarding only registered members admitted) that was not true at all, all were able to come in. I am not even catholic, but said I was there to represent the Stone family.

It is also not true about the POSSIBILITY . . . of the church closing, it is pretty much a done deal! Unless between now and Monday at 2:30 when Fr. Baker has his meeting with Chancellor Rev Robert McClory, for the final decisions. The plan is at this point and suggestions have been made for the church to close as of May 1st. Fr. Baker has made his recommendations to close the church, we need to change their minds!

I asked many questions and expressed my concerns and sadness to see the place close, be sold or bulldozed down, without giving the parishioners a true chance to save the church. They gave us a printout of the monies owed and money coming in, things are in a sad state. Unfortunately, Fr. John Lenord (sp?) [correctly: Fr. John Lehner, webmaster] did not let everyone know how bad things were. He was a wonderful priest there but not a good business man to help SS Kevin & Norberts stay alive.

The ONLY chance we have at this point are two things........both requiring a faxed letter or phone call to Chancellor Rev Robert McClory before 2:30 on Monday afternoon. First expressing your wishes, thoughts, desires, ideas etc., to keep the church going, at least give us a chance to help. The other idea presented by Kay Beard was for the St Norberts to move to the old HS, now Focus Hope Bldg to make into a smaller church and then sell the rest of the property. The numbers are phone 313-237-5816 or fax letter to 313-237-4642..... We need any help we can get. or another part of our lives will be gone forever...... Also need to get calls or faxes also to Mida, Bishop Fr.ancis Reiss (Axillary Bishop), Rev Thomas Cusick, Vicar....

I am willing to do all I can to help, we could do some fund raisers etc to help the situation. I am going to call the tv stations on Sunday also......willing to try anything at this point!! Otherwise St Norberts could be the next high rise condo's, strip mall in the area!! I have the paper work Fr. Baker gave out tonight, if you are interested in more details get in touch!! PLEASE!! Lets try and do something...... pass the word.....

Debbie Troyer-Stone, 313-562-1041

Sharon Totzke Gawthrop provides this link:

St. Norbert/St. Kevins Church will close as stated in this Press & Guide article, dated February 7, 2004

Anne Marie Miruzzi provides this update 1/31/04:

Just a rumor update on the St. Norberts and Kevin's site.
Last night I was with some of the parishioners of the church. From what the "rumor mill" has going the place has been sold to:
A land developer who is going to put in a subdivision ~or~
To Greater Detroit Baptist.
Both groups have been in the place checking it out. It is true that the place has been sold. There is no more renting out the hall, along with all the groups have to be out by tomorrow, Feb. 1.
There is a meeting with Fr. Baker on Wednesday as to the closing and such. As soon as everything has been made official I'll let you know.

Jukie Marinko Plunk provides this update 3/21/04:

Hope to see everyone at the final Mass at St. Norberts on May 15th.
Also, be sure Debbie Troyer Stone has your email/phone numbers so she can contact you next year for the CHHS all school reunion.

Darlene Little update 4/12/04:

Present and Former Parishioners of St. Norberts are asked to come to the Parish office to pick up their family name plaques, recognition of donations for varous items in the church throughout the years. If you have question please call the parish office @ 313.563.0993

Second, The final mass at St. Kevin and Norberts church is Saturday May 15, 2004 at 4 PM. There will be a reception following.

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