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Sr. Beverly Bobola (formerly Sister Andrew Bobola) celebrates her 50th Jubilee, July 12, 2009

Sr. Beverly Bobola, 2009

50th Jubilee Mass and Luncheon, July 12, 2009

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Kathy Schemers wrote:
A note to all who could not attend Sr. Beverly's 50th jubilee celebration. It was a very nice Mass and luncheon with a slide show from Sister's years before and after becoming a nun. She had a few slides of St. Norbert in the presentation. She hope to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee in 10 years, so keep it in mind. A special thanks to Danny Gorman for the nice letter he sent to sister. She had someone read it aloud and then she made all the Foley girls stand!! Have a wonderful summer. Kathy Foley Schemers


50th Jubilee Mass, Noon Sunday, July 12, 2009

44633 Utica Road, Utica, MI 48317

Luncheon at Knights of Columbus - must be on attendee list
44425 Utica Road, Utica 48317

On June 27, 2009 Sr. Beverly Bobola celebrated her 50th anniversary of her entry into service to our Lord. See the Adrian Dominican Sisters publication Winter 2009, page 7.

Kathy /Foley/ Schemers and Mary /Foley/ Ginter send this notice. Mary writes:

My sisters and I went to a Mass and luncheon at the Dominican Nuns Motherhouse in Adrian to celebrate their 125th anniversary a few weeks ago.  It was wonderful to see Sister Beverly Bobola (formerly Sister Andrew Bobola when we had her for a teacher).

Sister celebrated her 50th Jubilee as a Nun June 12, 2009.  Yep, that means she became a nun on 6-27-1959!!

I thought it would be great if her anniversary info could be posted on the St. Norbert website and if her former students could send her a congratulatory email or mail her a card and mention any anecdotes you remember from her years at St. Norbert or things she did when she was your teacher.

Also, if anybody would like to attend her 50th Jubilee Mass and luncheon in Utica on Sunday, July 12th, Sister would be happy to have any of her former students in attendance, responses need to be emailed to Sister Beverly by June 27. Sister Beverly includes: "If folks are interested I will e-mail them the invitation." You can email her at <>

She is a wonderful woman and I have many fond memories - when she directed our plays, choreographed dance routines (Patty Rice was my partner dancing to the "Elephant Walk").  She also helped choreograph for the cheer leaders!!  She is a woman of many talents!  And last but not least, taught us how to diagram sentences....

Please pass the word on to others in your address book if you wouldn't mind.

Her email address is: above

Her mailing address is:

Sister Beverly Bobola
6700 South Ridge
Prince George, BC
Canada V2N - 5P9

I hope everybody is doing GREAT and I really DO think it would be GREAT if we had lots of participants!!


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