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"Blast From the Past"

semi-spontaneous gathering of people sharing laughs and cheer
Saturday, December 18, 2010 7pm

group photo

The Blast from the Past was a success!!
from Left to Right:
Greg Burton, Lorenda Burton, Joni, Jimmy O' Hara, Toni Auletti, Karen Mida, Vicky (Rodriguez) Bruner, Bill Mida, Patty (Paris) Simigian, Bob Grondzdiak, Julie (Julianne McCarty) Spencer, LeRoy Barber

Toni Auletti

Anyone and everyone who attended St. Norbert School, 1969-1977
or those who hung-out as a kid in Inkster stomping grounds !
This may include but is not limited to:
Lee Barber, Julianne (McCarty) Spencer, Greg Burton, Vicky (Rodriguez) Bruner, Karen Mida, Renee (Redoudy) Percin, Randy Nickert, Rich Boehm, Dave Zmudczynski, John Healy, Jim Healy, Tom Sonnenburg, Jim Sonnenberg, Jimmy O Hara, Shirley (Pompa) Scherf, Tom Scherf, Desi Reno, Duncan Reno, Chrissy McCarty, Julie Ann Lackey, Ann Marie Miruzzi, Danny Cremen, Tom Wilson, Mariem (Auletti) Gray, Mary (Tscherne) Bennett, Jim Toth, Kelly (Hengen) Hootman, Phil Flavin, Michelle Michalik, Janet Lane, Tommy Lane, Denise (Kaltz) Mason, Leo Skibinski, Rhonda Dillon, Kim Dillon.
John Kaltz
--Vicky (Rodriguez) Bruner and Mrs Karen and Mida and her husband Bill have all confirmed that they will be there!

"Blast From the Past" semi-spontaneous gathering of people sharing laughs and cheer

Saturday, December 18, 2010 7pm

The Lounge at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center Map to event
17123 Laurel Park N.
Livonia, Michigan

Keep in touch. Let me know if you can swing by for some smiley fun
Please, please invite all the connections you can find

Sponsored by the St. Norbert's Alumni Group