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The mimeographed thank you letter sent to the parents of travelling students, from Mrs. Mida. (See below for text of letter)

thank you letter from Mrs. Mida

Dear Parents:
Our trip to Toronto was a real success. We all enjoyed the day and feel it was worth the time and money. Thank you for getting your 8th Grader there and picking them up on time. Thanks especially to Mr. Barber, Mrs. Auletti and Mrs. Rockett for joining us -- and putting up with us!

Sunday, May 1, is the May Crowning after 11 a.m. Mass. The Eighth Grade boys and girls are leading the procession and crowning. It would be nice if every 8th grader attends--the girls are to wear short dresses and the boys are to wear dress clothes.

On May 22, I have invited the whole class to my house (between Belleville and New Boston) for a picnic. It will begin about 11:30 and end around 6:00. I will be asking the kids to bring a dish to pass or some chips, Fritos, etc. I will provide the hot dogs and hamburgers. We will play some baseball and other outdoor games! Help us pray for a nice day!

Graduation Mass is Wednesday, June 8. I will let you know more details later in May.

Thanks again for your cooperation!

Karen Mida