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For the sake of history, here is a list of all current and past announcements.

4/18/2023   Sue /Thorpe/ Sabo donated her memorabilia this week. Thanks! See it here.
11/30/2022   I just discovered a book on the history of our beloved WKNR Keener 13, a must read lovers of early rock 'n roll on Detroit AM radio.
11/27/2022   I found many more WKNR Hits Sheets on the Keener13 Facebook page so I added them.
9/18/2022   I noticed that the Guestbook Form and the Comment form weren't working so I fixed them.
9/4/2022   Toni Auletti sent me this (seen above) very cool original art & OK'd its display here.
3/8/2022    Detroit News article about smooth race relations in Inkster in 1957 See here.
3/7/2022    An interesting history of the "Eloise" institution we all wondered about! See here.
Also interesting bits of history of Inkster embedded in this document, just search for "Inkster"; See here
8/26/2021    a mirror site has been created here, go to mirror site just anticipating all eventualities as you never know what the future holds. See this explanation.
6/12/2021    I found the copy of the 1970 Commencement Program and thought I'd post it on the Class of 1970 page.
3/10/2021    just heard of the passing of Thomas (Tommy) Graf, on February 24, 2021, his brother Mark Graf emailed us.
12/31/2020    just heard of the passing of John Thorpe, an alumni of St. Norbert's class of 1970. He died September 2, 2020.
7/31/2020    Chuck "Skip" Wehrle, an alumni of St. Norbert's class of 1962, died from COVID-19 on May 9. See Guestbook entry of July 11, 2020 for details.
12/6/15    David Gardynik, our latest contributor, sent in some pages from the John Hill Jr High 1971 yearbook some of you may recognize yourself!. Check it out!
9/12/12    Maryann /Zajac/ Hall our latest contributor, sends in a nice class picture for our edification. Check it out!
5/15/12    Cathy /Vagi/ Flavin says a CHHS Cruise is being planned! Read about it here.
8/29/11    Mary /Cullen/ Guttman sent two more class photos - 1965 and 1970 proving this site is alive & well! Thanks!
3/28/11    Cherry Hill High School is going to see a reunion this year. Information is here.
3/28/11    Henry Rodriguez found a class picture from 1960 Grade 7. See if you can identify anyone
1/23/11    Kim Whing Williamson found the Death Notice for CHHS principle, Mr. Honer, who died April lst, 2010, in North Bay, ON
12/4/10    Toni Auletti invites all to a "blast from the past" gathering, Saturday, 12/18/10.
10/2/10    Jim Sonnenberg sent two John Hill Jr High Yearbooks.
6/14/10    The Brzezinski's band, the 6 Foot Poles, kicks off the Summer - big show in Saline this Friday, June 18, 2010
3/17/10    Mary /Cullen/ Guttman found a 1964 class picture!
10/11/09 A new Class Photograph list is now available for you to search for your classmates
10/10/09    Eileen Taylor sent some new class photos.
6/6/09    Sr. Beverly Bobola (formerly Sister Andrew Bobola) celebrates her 50th Jubilee as a Nun on June 27, 2009.
2/5/09    We've moved to a new host!
2/1/09    Eileen Taylor contributed 2 items to the Memorabilia page.
10/6/08    Les Marinko sent pictures from the July 2008 CHHS Reunion.
2/30/08    The Brzezinski's band, the 6 Foot Poles, played Ann Arbor, Saturday, 2/2/08.
6/16/07    Supplementing Cathé Garcia's info on Joseph Servantez, see his name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
3/29/07    Sr. Bobola ministers in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada (thanks to Kathy Schemers for this note).
2/10/07    Jeri /Schiffer/ Hammerschmidt had a tough medical year. How many can write to her?
5/18/06    Terry Ackerman remembers Sr. Florida and the Ten Year Reunion
8/7/05    1st pics of the 2005 CHHS reunion are in. Send yours today! See also the 2002 CHHS & 2005 CHHS Reunion Web sites for more!
2/20/05    Les Marinko just sent a heap of documents from St. Norbert's and CHHS history.
2/13/05    Cathé /Garcia/ McDonnell furnished a large collection of items . Thanks! We can always take more!
12/23/04    Mike Veltri found the most unusual photo of the school & church! An aircraft direct flyover!
8/3/04    Jennifer /Wilson/ Klaus (70-78) donated these 4 pictures.
6/12/04    Kathy /Foley/ Schemers sent a couple church placards. Thanks! If you have yours we can display them here too.
5/20/04    Marsha /Cornelius/ Perkins submits class pictures given to her by her friend Shirley /Groening/ Disch. Thanks!!
4/14/04    Darlene Little, from SS. Kevin and Norbert Church, sends an update on the church closing.
1/18/04    Passing of mother of Foley girls, in this Free Press obit. Kathy is a strong supporter of this web site. Our condolences!
9/27/03    John Thorpe provided more Dedication Page photos.
9/7/03    New reunion pics from the Schemers and McCahills (includes band video).
7/29/03    First Pictures of the Reunion taken by Nancy /Speir/ Bieske are seen here in the Picture Gallery. Send yours in today!
7/19/03    Look, Roseann /Polovino/ Gomez sent pictures!
7/13/03    Stephen Wroble remembers coming to St. Norberts from St. Kevin's.
6/23/03    Rich Henry remembers grade school in these recollections.
5/18/03    David Brzezinski furnishes more class pictures. Is anyone is recognizable?
5/10/03    Alumni Journals are now available. Yours are needed to complete the set. Can you submit pictures or stories?
4/13/03    Scenes From a Yearbook, random candids of alumni. Can you find them, do you know them?
4/8/03    New SNAG member, Sharon Kendra-Routsaw found some old class pictures, & the USNS added names (4/12/03)!
4/5/03    Kathy Foley Schemers found a few more pictures, check 'em out!
4/1/03    An On-line Registration Form is now available for the All-Class Reunion in July.
3/26/03    Rumor: CHHS Class of 1973 reunion this summer. Those interested write to Debbie (Kenney) Cox for more info.
3/25/03    Joan (Gaunt) Brennan (CHHS -1973) discovers this site and mentions names in a 3rd grade picture. Thanks!.
2/27/03    CHHS mini-reunion held 2/22/03, at Montana's Restaurant. Did any Norbies go? Tell us about it in the guestbook.
2/9/03    Class of 1970 Senior pics on display.
2/3/03    Notify me, please, if this site displays weird!   Include a screen shot if you can. See this example!
1/16/03    Barry Malatesta names names on a 3rd grade class seen on this picture.
12/17/02    Unknown St. Norbert Student submits large list of names. See page 1, page 2, and page 3.
August 2001    Christine /Bielak/ Lamar (class of 1970) sent the pictures becoming the inspiration for this site. [See this loving tribute to her bravery.]

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