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The School     St. Norbert School began in the mid 1950's in Inkster, Michigan, a western suburb of Detroit. Initially only a grade school, the first students started classes Sept. 6, 1956, it eventually expanded to include a high school which closed in 1971 (the partnered Shared-Time school, Cherry Hill High School, closed in 1986; between 1976 and 1985 the elementary school closed).
    In its roughly 30 year history some thousands of students passed through its halls and classrooms. This web site celebrates those alumni, brave souls who attended and graduated and shared the inimitable and abiding experience of parochial education. Read a brief synopsis of its genesis.
The Site     August 2001 Christine /Bielak/ Lamar (class of 1970) sent the pictures becoming the inspiration for this site. [See this loving tribute to her bravery.] Since that time it has grown to these many pages, photos and remembrances. There is room for more and it is hoped that you will donate yours to create a more complete image of the students and life of St. Norbert School. Here are submission instructions to have your collection included.
    Suggestions about anything on this site, current or desired, can be mentioned in the Guestbook or write to the administration.
Alumni News:
William Hendricks, who moved from Inkster to Geneva, NY, the summer after seventh grade, wrote to provide names for Chris Finney's picture and on Christine's page. And Richard Henry added names to Sister Lucia's Second Grade class. Dale Moore (ret. Westland PD) also sent in a good list of names! Thanks!! Keep 'em coming!
There's a Hungry Howie's tie with St. Norbert alumni. Steve Jackson, co-founder, is a 1972 graduate. Thanks to Debbie /McGregor/ Carsells for the scoop and a friend for the link!
Mary /Auty/ Dziuba (class of 1970) supplied this link concerning their trip to the winter Olympics. Excellent reading. From the 2/9/2002 Detroit Free Press.
Dale Petroskey (class of 1973), elected President & COO of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in 1999. Also see this link.
David Brzezinski (class of 1970), shares his epic journey from obscurity to notoriety.
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The 2003 All School Reunion occurred. Tell us all about it on this page.
The 2003 Alumni Reunion Committee provided financial support; the St. domain is extended to 2013. We're all grateful!
Sharon /Totzke/ Gathrop submits a newspaper article inspired by Doug Funke.
Elissa Stein has just published "Prom Night: The Best Night of Your Life" and Kathy /Foley/ Schemers's prom photos are in it!
Welcome to Jeri /Shiffer/Hammerschmidt who joined the SNAG by contributing some glories from the past, seen here on Jeri's page. If you have more, we'll take 'em!
Who knew Bill Murray had a sister who taught at St. Norbert? See Free Press article about Sister Marie Erin. Thanks to Roseann Polovino for the find.
Discussion of the Parish closing can be read here and the final Mass is Saturday May 15, 2004. St. Norbert Church was consecrated in 1951 and St. Kevin in 1957. These two parishes merged in 1990 to form SS. Kevin and Norbert Parish.

Here is a Prayer Page if you have requests you'd like to share.
St. Norbert Church medalion
St. Norbert Church Medalion
found by Steven White, class of 1970
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Announcements / Etc.
2/14/2024   a St Norbert Church Medalion was discovered by Steve White, class of 1970!
2/13/2024    the missing page of Douglas DeGhetto has been rediscovered!
1/21/2024   see new pages featuring Toni Auletti: her collage "Novena" and Prayers for Peace.
4/18/2023   Sue /Thorpe/ Sabo donated her memorabilia this week. Thanks! See it here.
12/01/2022   remember the "Paul is Dead" Hoax heard on WKNR? Read this article about it.
11/30/2022   I just discovered a book on the history of our beloved WKNR Keener 13, a must read lovers of early rock 'n roll on Detroit AM radio.
11/27/2022   I found more WKNR Hits Sheets on the Keener13 Facebook page so I added them.
9/18/2022   I noticed that the Guestbook Form and the Comment form weren't working. Comment page is OK.
9/4/2022   Toni Auletti sent me this very cool original art & OK'd its display here. Thank you!
3/8/2022    Detroit News article about smooth race relations in Inkster in 1957 See here.
3/7/2022    An interesting history of the "Eloise" institution we all wondered about! See here.
Also interesting bits of history of Inkster embedded in this document, just search for "Inkster"; See here
8/26/2021    a mirror site has been created here, go to mirror site just anticipating all eventualities as you never know what the future holds. See this explanation.
6/12/2021    I found the copy of the 1970 Commencement Program and thought I'd post it on the Class of 1970 page.
3/10/2021    just heard of the passing of Thomas (Tommy) Graf, on February 24, 2021, his brother Mark Graf emailed us.
12/31/2020    just heard of the passing of John Thorpe, an alumni of St. Norbert's class of 1970. He died September 2, 2020.
7/31/2020    Chuck "Skip" Wehrle, an alumni of St. Norbert's class of 1962, died from COVID-19 on May 9. See Guestbook entry of July 11, 2020 for details.
12/6/15    David Gardynik, our latest contributor, sent in some pages from the John Hill Jr High 1971 yearbook some of you may recognize yourself!. Check it out!
9/12/12    Maryann /Zajac/ Hall our latest contributor, sends in a nice class picture for our edification. Check it out!
5/15/12    Cathy /Vagi/ Flavin says a CHHS Cruise is being planned! Read about it here.
8/29/11    Mary /Cullen/ Guttman sent two more class photos - 1965 and 1970 proving this site is alive & well! Thanks!
3/28/11    Cherry Hill High School is going to see a reunion this year. Information is here.
3/28/11    Henry Rodriquez found a class picture from 1960 Grade 7. See if you can identify anyone
1/23/11    Kim Whing Williamson found the Death Notice for CHHS principle, Mr. Horner, who died April 1st, 2010, in North Bay, ON

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News / Etc.
º Sr. Barbara Mary , died Saturday, 12/4/2021 (Obit)
º Father Childs , died Sunday, 10/10/2021 (see Obit)
º James Healey , died Saturday, 4/20/13
º Fr.John Cusmano , died Saturday, 10/29/11
º Maureen O'Hagan , died Monday, October 3, 2010
º John Mackowski, died Monday, August 2, 2010
º Tom Rodzik, died Sunday, July 31, 2010
º Robert O'Mara, died Monday, July 26, 2010
º Patty Rice, died Sunday, May 23, 2010
º David Wild died Sunday am, March 7, 2010
º Sr. Beverly Bobola , 50th Jubilee, July 12, 2009
º Donald Murray, Mike Murray's dad, died 1/31/09.
º Rose Consiglio, John Consiglio's mother, died.
º Vincent Falzon, died 3/14/08, obituary.
º Virginia Polovino, died 6/2/07, obituary.
º Joseph Tencza, died 4/8/07, obituary.
º John Perkovich (senior), died 12/17/06, obituary.
º Lou Schneider, died 3/4/06, obituary.
º Loretta Ann Foley, died 1/15/04, obituary.
º St. Norbert Church, closing news, read about it!.
º Josephine T. Ostrosky, died 11/28/03, obituary.
º Doug Funke, class of 1970, obituary.
º Jack Yacobelli, class of 1970, obituary.
º Catholic School Memories return.
º Anti-Spam email policy implemented, 7/20/03.
º Inkster Quadrangle map, new 7/19/03.
º Sr. M. Ballard obituary in the 6/24/03 Free Press.
º Father Kienzle dies at age 73 (Obit here).
º Cathy Vagi Flavin passed away Nov. 11, 2022.
Our Faculty and Staff:
Our Faculty and Staff:
ADD Therapy:   Dr. Mrs. Much
Alternative Software Engineer:   Anne Droid
Army Recruiter:   Sally Port
Attendance Monitor:   Julie Verlee
Bail Bondsman:   Anna Terny
Behaviorist:   Dee Corum
Biblical Studies:   Herman Newdix
Bureau of Standards and Precision:   Lucy Goosy
Cardiologist, On-Call:   Anne Jynah
CFO:   Bill Yanaire
Chefs:   Juan Smeggs, & Amber Gerr
Child Psychiatry Director:   Rita Linn
Choir Director:   Carole Ling
Chief Christmas Decorator:   Arty Fishal
Confectioner:   Goode N. Pawlenty
Conflict Resolution Mgr.:   Al Terkashun
Contingency Coordinator:   Justin Case
Choreographer:   Dan Sing
Cosmetics Consultant:   Bud Tugly
Director of Charities:   Little Miss Givings
Fashion Director:   Cord O'Roy
Fine Arts Instructor:   R. Twerk
Futures Executive:   Claire Voyant
Gym Teacher:   Cal Stenicks
Import/Export Officer:   Creighton Barrol
Life Coach:   Will Power
Maritime Instructor:   Shivermi Timbers
Math Teacher:   Aladdin Subtraque
Music Director:   Mel O. Deah
* See Full List of Staff Here *
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Notable People of Inkster
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